News you may have missed – Koh Tsu Koon said Don’t believe bloggers

The Malaysia general election news have taken over all other news.

This morning, I read that the little girl Shearwel Ooi Ying Ying’s mother boyfriend, Ong Chee Leong committed suicide while in prison. Ying Ying’s mother said she has no feelings over his death because “neither happy nor sad as I have nothing to do with him anymore.” But, now, you are left to face the guilt of your daughter’s death alone. It is YOUR boyfriend who is suspected to kill YOUR daughter, burning the body and strewn her body parts all over the places in Penang. So, that will burrow deep into you forever because you lied to the police your daughter is missing from the market. But I hope Ying Ying’s loving family will find a closure finally.

Meanwhile, another girl who is missing will remain missing because of the Malaysia general election.

PETALING JAYA: Police have stopped the house-to-house search for missing girl Sharlinie Mohd Nashar due to the general election but will continue if new leads surface.

The 1,100 police personnel involved in the search have been deployed for the election.

(The Star Online)

I do not know how to feel about this. Priority?

PENANG CHIEF MINISTER Dr Koh Tsu Koon said : Don’t believe bloggers. I cannot find this on The Star Online. Strange? I have searched through both Metro, Nation and special general elections 2008 section but they are not there. So, let me take a quick photo of it.


What Dr Koh Tsu Koon is saying is to refute JeffOoi’s book i-Witness. In case you do not know, Jeff Ooi is a blogger who has joined DAP, the opposition party. He is raising funds for his campaign and if you help to chip in, Jeff mentioned that he is giving a copy of the book.


Sekian berita tengahari dari 5xmom channel.

P/S : Please tell those politicians that CNY is so yesterday. If they keep doing it till Chap Goh Meh, I hope they get thrown with rotten Mandarin oranges. I mean, aren’t you tired of so many politicians so excited about celebrating Chinese New Year?

25 thoughts on “News you may have missed – Koh Tsu Koon said Don’t believe bloggers

  1. Hahaha, just because it’s Jeff Ooi, then all bloggers get lumped together by Koh.
    Well, Koh certainly needs to keep his day job cuz his char koay teow frying skills need some improvement.

  2. Well, at least he didn’t say bloggers are liars.

    From what I’ve heard from my Penang friends, Koh has been so comfortable all these years he doesn’t do much for the people.

    Anyway I don’t think Jeff Ooi will have much success either in the coming election. Just like LKS, DAP leaders should blog lesser and meet the people more.

  3. ayoooo…frying the ‘kuiteow’ can earn people vote meh??? Anyway..well done to you 5xmom..u are like updated CNN oh..hehe i always come to ur site for new info u know!!

  4. Why is he being sooo defensive??? Takut Kalah ar???

    Niamah!!! Why he open his mouth when he is frying ar?

    Wait lah, Chap Gor Mei time, lagi banyak politician come out to play. You see lah!!!

  5. hcfoo: LOL. It *was* quite ridiculous the things he has been doing, so it might be possible. Like how he suddenly declared Thaipusam a holiday. How is that helpful towards improving the education and social conditions of Indians? Quite a stoopid move. Or says that he will listen, but so far has avoided all attempts to reach out to him and even clamped down hard on morally-legal and peaceful marches.

  6. terence – Today I read they throw eggs in Perak liao. Wait later, it will be rotten eggs. Maybe I must buy several dozen eggs and start rotting them now. Then, I can go sell at the markets during kempen pilihanraya. “Telur busuk satu biji $2” You say correct anot? Interesting election campaign coming soon.

    kadusMama – They will do anything lah…See until jemu.

    hcfoo – How do you know DAP leaders are not already out on the field working but still blogging? You follow them around issit? You think JeffOoi can produce a book just like that meh? I know ShadowFox said you are MCA people, correct ah?

    Klaw – Actually I am glad he is going out but now, I am worried who will take his place. Is it the doctor who refused to grant me one day MC last time when I was working? I was a secretary at that time, I lost my voice, had tonsils, no voice at all and yet Dr. Teng refused to give me a day MC and I had to answer phones by whispering. KNN, I die die oso remember not to vote for Dr. Teng for not giving me MC. LOL.

  7. Why are they so scared of bloggers hah? Aiyor…they think we read blogs so bodoh wan meh? People say eat shit, we oso eat shit meh??? We read blogs, same as read newspapers…get different points of view and form our own opinions! They think we got no brains, meh? Just swallow everything people push into our mouths, meh? So far those running for election in Sarawak haven’t mentioned anything about blogs and bloggers yet (or maybe they don;t know such things exist??? LOL!!!!).

  8. Lilian, I’m not MCA people lar nor I belong to any party.

    I’m just a regular citizen who wants to have a stable country, a scholarship to pursue my studies, who is not scared to go to KL when there’s a rally and contribute back to the society through teaching in few years time.

    I don’t support idealism because I don’t believe it exists.

    By the way, I only vote for individual and not party.

  9. charles – Yalor, yalor, see all those dangerous roads with lubang, those jams to cross the bridge and etc etc.

    aaron – No believes. Hehehe.

    kadusmama – Like this baru I got valid reasons to diss mah. Dr Teng was our panel doctor back then. And they (Gerakan) lost the MPPP council chief position to UMNO lor when it was under Dr Teng. Now, Dr Koh kept repeating and repeating the CM must be fluent in Mandarin. Indirectly, he just wanted to say that the CM post must be a Chinese but dare not jek. Scaredy cat.

    bongkerz – Take all you want, I hosted in Flickr, got huge size one.

    STP – Oi, Cikgu…sabar…Sir, patience…LOL.

    th_c – Wuah, so ‘cheem’ kah?

  10. “Don’t believe bloggers”

    CY: “But love them anyway!” xD

    I feel sad about the search halt for Linie because the GE is more important than what is happening to her. To be practical though, house-to-house searches might not be effective. But at least, there was hope.

  11. 9pek9bo – REINVENTING! Yea, they memang pandai reinventing lies. That’s why they never finish with lies. Hahaha. I just came back from Sunshine Farlim, wuah, whole road oso reinventing posters from Barisan. Now, my apartment area full of PKR flags.

    anthraxxx – Insulting hor. Wanna tembak JeffOoi, skali go tarik all bloggers.

    charles – Wuah, you whole day tokking politik with yr dad ah?

    CY – Yalor, they really ‘chun dou sei’. Don’t go and announce, just cut down the numbers then people won’t notice. Go openly declare it pulak. Anyway, they do also just for show lah. Earlier when the report was made, they should have done something instead of waiting for pressures from the rakyat, baru wanna act.

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