The basic things in life

stella maris

I stayed at Stella Maris, which is a nice property belonging to the Catholic church. It is by the beach, next to Naza Hotel. If I am not mistaken, bookings for the rooms can be made through the Bishop’s office. (but I don’t even know where is the Bishop office *rolls eyes*)

Food was great and we practically ate every 3 hours! Thanks to Michelle the organiser for getting special vege meals for me. Pai seh for the extra works.


I am glad time flies really fast with laughing, eating, napping (yes, we were sent to take a nap!) and watching Youtube videos. Martin Jalleh was the usual Martin Jalleh. Well, if you have attended any talk or seminar (or what we Catholics call formation) by him, you will know that he is like Mr. Bean. He can makes you laugh with just a twitch of his bushy eyebrows. In case you are into politics, Martin Jalleh writes very kick-ass articles in the alternate news site like Malaysiakini. Martin Jalleh‘s latest article “Of blockheads, buffoons and bigots (Part 1)”.

I won’t dare to say that I have returned from the two-day retreat as a better lector. But I do know that I came to the realisation that I am special. It is God’s given gift that I am more resilient than most people. Otherwise, long ago, I would have been frightened out of my wits and by now, five years after my baptism, I probably have stayed away from the church. Ponteng church, I mean. I am doer, not a spectator. If I am going to be in something, I have to be part of the something.

So, yes, thank God that I have that special bull-headed, iron balls gut that I stick around in doing what I believe in. And I believe I am part of what Jesus described as the limbs of the Universe. Mine is the dual magnetic and rubber skin one. I stick to things and bounce back when hit.


Hubby took my little boy to the Stella Maris beach for a dip in the sea and I was so happy to find them downstairs after my session. Later on, when I returned home on Sunday, hubby said that poor kid again left tear stains on the pillow case on Saturday night when I wasn’t around! Apparently, my #3 son who came to fill the vacant place in my bed joked with my youngest boy by wearing my t-shirt. Hehehe, looks like mommy, smells like mommy (Crabtree body lotion) and yet, not 100% mommy. So, he missed me and cried!

As I am typing this, he asked me, “Mommy, you forever no camp?” (i..e going away)

So, no more camp again! Not even if you pay me lots of money.

But that’s not all. On the Friday night before I went to the retreat, I was craving for lam mee. But it was too late for supper. When I was back on Sunday and napping, hubby went out and bought me lam mee! He remembered! After I have eaten the eggs and the mee, I left the pork and fish cakes by the side.

And hubby said, “HOI! Where are all the prawns!”

I replied, “Where got prawns lah.”

And everyone went…”ha…..(you ate all the prawns!)”

Cilaka, they (my sons and hubby) just cannot stop teasing me and my fake ‘I am on vegetarian fasting.’

So, basic things in life. Just faith in God, a loving husband and lots of happy kids.

Therefore, folks. Don’t forget the basic things in life. God. Love for your spouse, kids, parents, siblings etc.

8 thoughts on “The basic things in life

  1. yeah, it’s really nice to have lots of kids innit? but i don’t know how i can keep my sanity and cope with raising 4 kids full time as a maid-less SAHM!!

    LOL at #3, that was very sweet and thoughtful of him trying to pretend as you for the bro!

  2. Yeah, from the way you blog, I can tell that you have those qualities. And it is true that not many people are like that. Isn’t it amazing that to discover that the sun always shines after the rain? Hopefully this will give us a strong enough reason to overcome our own challenges.

  3. Hey, first time here.. and blown away by the way you described yourself… πŸ˜€

    ‘Don’t forget the basic things in life. God. Love for your spouse, kids, parents, siblings etc.’


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