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Tribute to Lydia Shum – Thank you for the laughs and RIP.

This video brings a tear or two to me. And I think it is something worth keeping in our hearts. I am sure everyone knows Lydia Shum and needs no introduction. She has been around for as long as I remember. She commands the kind of respect that not many entertainers can achieve. Her laughter is infectious. She is that loving, fat mama who is always smiling. She is not here anymore but I am sure she will be a legend and lives in everyone’s memory.

RIP, Fei Jeh.

11 Responses to “Tribute to Lydia Shum – Thank you for the laughs and RIP.”

  1. Yea, I grew up watching her movies too.

    I really love ‘It’s a mad mad world’ series.

  2. She was a good actress and host. We will miss her so much!

  3. gosh..i love her a lot..cant believe that she is gone now..sigh!

  4. RIP Lydia Shum… If theres any movie actress I like its Lydia Shum. Such a loving person too

  5. it’s a mad mad world is a classic! that will be watched over and over again!

    i was searching for her old movies to watch yesterday also…

    condolences to her family…

  6. sigh..may Lydia Shum rest in piece. This brings tears to me as well…

  7. She is probably the bubbliest actress TVB has ever produced and she really brought laughter to many. Now we can all be comforted to know that her long term suffering battling her illness has ended. Thanks for the memories Lydia!

  8. huei, may i correct you, it is ‘Rest In Peace’ lah… not piece.

  9. T__T
    RIP fei jie…. Miss your laughters.

  10. fei jie..we grew up listening to your laughter. rest in peace. we will miss u

  11. Yes.. fei jie .. RIP…isn’t it sad that we normally show appreciation only when they leave us? Show your love to those who mean much to us today and everyday, especially whilst they are still with us.