It is about 2.20 pm. I was cutting fruits at the kitchen sink and my five years old kid came and asked me, “Mommy, why David so late not yet come home?”

(Regular classes ended at 1.35 pm and the kids have 25 minutes to grab a quick snack before continue at 2.00 pm)

“He has kelas tambahan today.”

So, I went to check what time he is suppose to finish.

The schedule is as above. This is coming from a school that is not considered kiasu and hence, the schedule can be said to be bearable. There are other Chinese schools which finish at 4 pm.

Note that our school kids start school at 7.30 am (or latest 7.45 am). That means they have to wake up around 6.30 am or even earlier. We are lucky the school is just next door. Other school kids who missed their regular school buses normally hang around the school compound until their parents fetch them after their work around 5 pm.

(schedules, time table, calendar….stick ’em where we won’t lost it)

I observe. My two older children have less additional classes than my #3 boy. The children seem to study more and more. But I don’t see them getting smarter and smarter.

Just as I was typing this, my boy came barging through the door to the delights of his baby brother. But give them 10 minutes and the little boy will be screaming because of his brother’s teasing. *sigh* Love-hate relationship that I cannot understand.


(Poser posing for mommy because I told him ‘bloggable material’! Let me show people how poor you are, have to study until so late.)

My #3 was obviously sweating, with a red face and all grubby because he is one of those kids that can never stay clean. His white school shoe is almost black. Today, is Wednesday where all the school children in Malaysia must don their pakaian berseragam. I.e. on every Wednesday, the school children must wear the uniform of their chosen uniformed body which consists of Red Cresent Society, Scout, Karate, Girl Guide, Cadet and don’t know what else.

Well, wearing them doesn’t make my #3 boy more decent than my eldest son who never have to buy a scout uniform at age 12. The only results I get are the extra money to buy all the uniforms and a poor kid who sweats even more because these uniforms are extra thick and you can imagine the current temperature during noon.

While I am talking about school, this year, there seems to be an increase in school fees. Our Government have loudly proclaimed that education is free. They give us books loan and save us RM4.50 in the regular school fees. But somehow, we have to pay even more this year for all sorts of funny fees. There are things like fees for moral education, fees for sports, fees for computer classes, takaful insurance and etc. My hubby refused to pay for all of them and insisted to pay only for sports t-shirt. *roll eyes* So, if you hear any politicians who tell you the Government provides free education, tell them to STFU. There is nothing free about that. The money comes from our taxpayers money. Read also Pak Lah tok kok suggestion on solving crimes against children which is related to long school hours.

Of course, my son is one of those lucky ones who doesn’t need to travel far to school, has a home next door and meals ready for him. He also does not attend any other tuition classes or any extra lessons. But there are thousands of students out there who have to take the public buses, return to an empty home and attend even more tuition classes.