Lingam in a bottle

lingam sauce

I bought this bottle of Lingam sauce (spelt Lingham’s Sauce with a h ) a week ago and just opened it today. We have been joking about Lingam at home with my older boys but my little boy doesn’t know that Lingam is a man. LOL. So, when I open the bottle, he peers inside the chillies sauce bottle and asked me, “Oh, Lingam inside?” *falls off chair* He thought Lingam is like garlic or ginger.

How to tell him that Lingam is the greatest comedian of all?

Talking about comedian, I found this Lingam Devil Curry video on Youtube. It is from the talented and very, very funny Comedy Court.

They have a lot of other videos on this page.

But with the Malaysia election 2008 campaign going full steam, I think we have enough of comedies every day. Today, I have a good laugh over Barisan Nasional tagline of Reinventing versus PKR and DAP counter taglines. They are in Mandarin but damn funny still.

Anyway….have a good laugh with Lingam’s Devil curry.

7 thoughts on “Lingam in a bottle

  1. hahah..nice song..nice song…

    I wonder will this song be nominate in the best song in the year.Best song I’ve ever heard.nice.

    correct correct correct.haha

  2. heeheehee… a friend has just sent me this video too! really very funny!
    and we all have to admit that the DAP and PKR are really creative to come up with such sarcastic and funny taglines!

  3. wow.. great rendition of elvis song! best…

    ever wondered why our beloved TDM is so quiet recently? perhaps pak lah is holding him by his balls?

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