lingam sauce

I bought this bottle of Lingam sauce (spelt Lingham’s Sauce with a h ) a week ago and just opened it today. We have been joking about Lingam at home with my older boys but my little boy doesn’t know that Lingam is a man. LOL. So, when I open the bottle, he peers inside the chillies sauce bottle and asked me, “Oh, Lingam inside?” *falls off chair* He thought Lingam is like garlic or ginger.

How to tell him that Lingam is the greatest comedian of all?

Talking about comedian, I found this Lingam Devil Curry video on Youtube. It is from the talented and very, very funny Comedy Court.

They have a lot of other videos on this page.

But with the Malaysia election 2008 campaign going full steam, I think we have enough of comedies every day. Today, I have a good laugh over Barisan Nasional tagline of Reinventing versus PKR and DAP counter taglines. They are in Mandarin but damn funny still.

Anyway….have a good laugh with Lingam’s Devil curry.