Bloggers slammed – UMNO Datuk Seri Azalina Othman

UMNO Datuk Seri Azalina Othman said :

Bloggers slammed

KOTA TINGGI: Rumour-mongering bloggers are cowards and a nuisance to Umno, said Pengerang MP Datuk Seri Azalina Othman.

Azalina, who is Youth and Sports Minister, said the opposition parties were using the blogs because they know that the Home Affairs Ministry was busy monitoring reports in the mainstream media.

โ€œThey think they can get away with it but it is not the case as they too are being monitored,โ€
(taken from The Star :

Obviously, UMNO Datuk Seri Azalina Othman has ruffled even more feathers. Just because a few people accused her of being a lesbian, she has slammed ALL bloggers. Does she know how many thousand bloggers we have in Malaysia and how far is the reach of blogs?

Threatening us with the Home Affairs Ministry is not helping. The majority of us do not write anything seditious or sensitive. We are merely expressing our opinions, all within the law. So, please do not do what the Chinese referred as ‘satu galah sapu semua’. Because we do not like to be labelled as cowards, pondans, beruks, gobloks, penipu, liars, unemployed women and etc etc when the matter only concerns you and your colleagues up there in the Menara gading UMNO.

Don’t forget that the powers is in our hands. We are nobodies. We are not politicians. But we are voters and you and your Barisan Nasional and UMNO especially sepangsa should watch out. YOU are all monitored.

Do you think we have forgotten about the screwdriver that cost hundreds of ringgit? Do you think we are not aware of those huge buildings which are not fully utilised? All those Rakan Muda projects that ate up a lot of money and yet, our sportsmen seem not to shine much lately?

Let me ask you. How do you think Hindraf can gather that huge number of people to walk in unity? How do you think BERSIH can achieve that big turnout? Do you think it is through word of mouth only? No. That’s the power of the internet.

So, slam harder and soon we will get more votes swing to PAS, PKR and DAP. Bloggers pantang dicabar.

13 thoughts on “Bloggers slammed – UMNO Datuk Seri Azalina Othman

  1. read another news article bout this shit..she called us bloggers cowards and right?
    she ah dont know whats going on oni..see la..who will vote for BN later?talk bout all these before she hasnt have a clue that bloggers are voters too.LOL..

  2. sue – Yalor, they all got so many enemies dissed them, then they take it out on all of us pulak. Like it is our fault.

    bongkersz – Yes, that should be our bloggers slogan. BLOGGERS PANTANG DICABAR. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Wahh power on 5xmom. You know…..i use to support the Datuk because she was involved with the sports and youth. But after just thinking about it, I don’t really know where or even how our athletes have improved at all. Save for Nicole David but, if you ask me the country or gov didn’t do much for her. It was all through her own hard dedication.

    I have a friend who is trying her damndest to be a sports aerobics athlete. What Ihate the most is that football is the part where all the gov money is plonked. She id representing the country and she had to fight all the way just to even get a sponsor and she trains way harder than any of those football athletes in my opinion.

    My point is me saying, i’m disappointed with what our youth minister has said regarding our blogging community. Not all bloggers slam “incorrect” points, but we are slamming those who have wronged us and are trying to repress our opinions for the sake of keeping their own butts in check.

  4. It’s the time and day again that our politician make things looks uglier. It’s election time so jom cari alasan and go menfitnah all the good ppl like bloggers.

  5. Most bloggers are sensible ppl and in many ways more concerned @ patriotic than i can say for our leaders, in which way our beloved country is heading. Why do the minstry has to monitor them, what idiots, if they are smart enough, it is a powerful tool to gauge what the rakyat is unhappy about and do something about it, don’t kill it by threatening. When will these greedy clowns learn

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