Once upon a time, politics is not as interesting as now because we normally hear from the same old boring mainstream media. But now, it is one hell of an interesting drama. So, let me influence those who doesn’t like politics to learn to see it in a new light.

Waitaminit, is politics plural or singular, Cikgu STP? I learnt from Martin Jalleh that feedback is always in singular.

Ok back to politics. Do you know how much scandal, dirt, gossips, rumours, humor, suspense, cunning strategies are in this thing call politics? The best thing is we are free to indulge in it and innocently claim that we are merely keeping up with times, being knowledgeable and patriotic and concern about our country.

Just like today’s prime time news….

The sex part
Chua Soi Lek of course has been dropped from the Labia Labis seat after his sex tape with A.Yam was exposed. But our man is very stoid and very heroic. I salute him. But that’s not the end of Chua Soi Lek. His son is contesting! OMG, his son looks just like him. That facial feature, senduk a bit type? So, now who said they pity Chua?

The tear jerker

And if you missed the news, Chan Kong Choy shed tears when the announcement was made that he too was dropped. I think he is shedding tears of relief for the RM4.6 billion that went *poof*.

The botox aka tempe anti-ageing
Now, you must have heard about the botox case. No, I mean the tempe case. Our very handsome Khir Toyo indeed has a much firmer and tout skin. Do you know that Simon Cowell of American Idol also went for Botox? Yeah, but Khir Toyo said he merely makan tempe siang dan malam. Petua awet muda. Seriously, I find Khir Toyo very handsome. So, I hope he is around in politics to keep reminding me that makan tempe boleh jadi muda overnight.

The Bollywood drama of Samy Vellu
Of course, my favourite Samy is still around this election. Let’s hope we can wish him Happy Birthday and Happy Pordah on March 8.

As for the suspense part, last night I read Malaysia-Today and almost fell off chair. RPK said that we must compare this election with the 1999 one. You gotta read the donkey part. I love RPK’s article for his humour.

I don’t easily get influenced by all those things I read. After all, I only need to make one vote. How difficult it is lah? There are only two parties. RISK or CONTINUE DYING. I am the risk taker.

This year, PAS, DAP, PKR (and some other parties) have a seat in ALL the states. It will be interesting to catch the results. Our Mis-information brushed off that bloggers and the online media will not make a difference. But you have to read what RPK explained about the reach of the internet.

And my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, remember that we are called to cast our votes because it is our Christian obligation. We are asked to pray for guidance and wisdom in making the choice. (Letter from the Bishop to the Catholics)

Voting, however, is the sacred Christian duty of all Catholics and the exercise of this duty is independent of what the final outcome may be. God wills that the leaders of a country rule with justice and compassion, always placing the interest of the people first. In casting your vote, you are answering to God’s call to establish a Government that is just and equitable to all Malaysians regardless of race, colour and creed.

Oh ya, talking about religion, do you know that PAS has fielded a non-Muslim candidate in Johor? Of course, none of the political parties is perfect but…..hey, let’s have an interest in politics as it involves us!

Sekian, berita 5xmom berkenaan Pilihanraya Umum Malaysia 2008.