Chinese New Year is really over and finally, my kid gets to open his angpows. It is a little rule that I set for them that they are not suppose to dig and note down who gives them how much. I like to remind them that it is not the money that counts but how many angpows they get. More angpows mean more relatives and friends and that’s more important.

Moreover, there is no plus and minus as it is basically an exchange of gifts. Since we have so many kids, we normally make our angpow bigger so that if those who have only one or two kids give my four kids angpow, at least I can reciprocate with a bigger sum to contra. You know, I normally avoid giving angpows to those with one kid because I hate the thought of people giving back four packets. Really pai seh wan.

Therefore, today my little boy finally get to open all the angpows. I am keeping the video because children grow so fast. One minute you are a new mom or new dad like Terence (nah give your link liao, tiu) dealing with night feedings and diapers changing like Terence (nah, another link liao, niamah) and the next minute, the little kid can count money liao.

My little boy can count his angpows already. Totally 17 packets this time.