Have you seen Pak Lah and CM Koh Tsu Koon in scout uniforms?

Banners are everywhere even before nomination day for general election malaysia. But there is one which is just outside my home.

pak lah

Outside the Wisma Pengakap, they have these huge poster of Pak Lah and Koh Tsu Koon. Everytime we pass there, I will sure tell hubby, “wuah…koh tsu koon so handsome”

koh tsu koon

Then hubby will launched into his regular grumble, “Can’t they find someone whose face is not so ahpneah?” (ahpneah is biscuit or like things flatten like that)


And just a few feet away is the DAP/PKR banner which says :
Barang naik, petrol naik, toll naik! Gaji tak naik.

Prices of good increase, petrol price increase, toll rates increase but salary never increase.

This round of election we see alot of those banner kings posters. The faces of all the Barisan Nasional politicians are everywhere. At the wet market, the poor man’s area, schools and practically everywhere. See until my eyes also cock-eye liao.


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Tomorrow is Nomination Day of the Malaysia 12th general election! I wonder if there are going to be surprises. Nomination Day is like playing chess. The political parties may move their candidates around at the last minute. The strong versus the strong or the sure lose kambing korban against the sure win. I mentioned to hubby that this year will be the first time the three parties, DAP, PKR and PAS field a candidate in all the seats. He said serves BN right because this will make sure that all the BN will stay in their respective locations and campaign. Unlike in previous years, when BN know they are a sure win seat, they will send their strong men to campaign elsewhere. Woohoo, this Malaysia election is like a game of chess, isn’t it? So exciting.

11 thoughts on “Have you seen Pak Lah and CM Koh Tsu Koon in scout uniforms?

  1. Joez – Korr Iiok go parliament good mah. They baru can go ka-ka-cau-cau a bit. Usually korr iiok take the parliamentary seat and the PKR or DAP take the Dewan undangan negeri. The general preference is to vote the opposition to parliament because they can make a lot of noise there while the safer thing is to get the DUN from ruling so they can get more money. But looking at it, skali give them a chance lah. I mean the korr iiok, roket and the blue moon.

  2. I don’t understand, they purposely make the election short to get rid of people speaking too much, and now, banner everywhere pulak, who else going to take down those after election?

  3. “Barang naik,Petrol naik,toll naik”…that’s fuel for the ROCKET to naik lor..hahaha! Those Reinventors had better start REINVENTING the purchasing power of my TAK NAIK salary B4 my angin pun naik juga!!… LOLs!

  4. Joez – This year I also no nid to vote korr iiok cos I think my area no longer falls into Bayan Lepas parliament seat. You notice the line of the candidates, Cina lawan Cina, Melayu lawan Melayu kind of thing? It will be interesting to wait for the election results.

  5. sue me – Relekz….nay like that Pak Lalalala video? Just look forward to celibate Sammy Blue’s birthday mah can lor. Hahaha.

    9pek9bo – It makes it easy for us to vote mah, we no need to think so hard. We know which to cross without thinking twice.

    someone – I think they have a law whereby they must clear the posters by a certain date or they will be fined. But the poster shown above is not an election poster ‘cos it is regular one to tell us how great our leaders are. (heh)

  6. paklalalaaaah…
    seronok nampaknye jd menteri enjoy wat keje n atur keje yg x mndtgkan manfaat pd rakyat…
    ‘thanx’ paklah
    im silent majority yg pikir paklah should berundur dgn hormat sebelum kene guling dlm p/raya akan datang…
    wait n see….lalaalala…eala..ela..

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