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Barisan Rakyat poster


This is the Barisan Rakyat poster which I took from Malaysia-Today. You can get larger resolution from RPK’s site.

Nice poster so I proudly post it on my sidebar as well.

What about you?

Today is nomination day and helicopters were hovering around our Penang skies. I was going to church this morning and saw the excitement at the nomination centre in Penang Free’s School. I wish I have guts to go in there and take photos. Nay….these stuffs are not for me.

But I shall attend the forum to learn more about the Malaysia general election process which will be held as follows :

A wonderful opportunity to help us to make a mature decision to exercise our civic right to cast our votes. We will have prominent and objective speakers to “clear the air” for us. We have two opportunities:

1st: Issues to Ponder before Voting
P.Ramakrishnan (Aliran)
Assoc Prof Zaharom Nain (USM)
Lim Kah Cheng (Women’s Centre for Change)
Joachim Xavier
Date : 2 March, 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 7.30pm
Place : Dewan Holy Spirit

(the other is the one to be held in IC church)

As a friend, may I invite you to join me? Please note this is a personal invitation from me, as an individual and concern citizen.

I have updated a list of the Malaysia election blogs with links to some of the websites for alternative news.

5 Responses to “Barisan Rakyat poster”

  1. nicely done poster!

  2. adopted the poster.
    fight on!

  3. wow, nice flag. at last some nice design for the barisan rakyat grp. hopefully the results wld be as nice as this flag.

  4. where is this Dewan Holy Spirit?

  5. so proudly?hmmm..