Find out which school to go for voting in Malaysia election


In case you missed it, you can now check which school you are assigned to go for your voting in the general election. Just go to the SPR website and key in your IC number. The SPR link is on my sidebar.

Notice the time of voting is 8 am to 5.00 pm.

Let me see….I have a Malay candidate for the Parliamentary seat in Bayan Baru and Bayan Baru has a good balance of Malay and Chinese voters. So, yes, PKR has a good chance of winning.

For Dewan Undangan Negeri seat, i.e. the State seat, both are Chinese and it is going to be a good fight because Pantai Jerjak area is mostly Chinese. But still, power to PKR!

Blek, not that it matters to me because I stayed in Pantai Jerjak when I was single and I am too lazy to change my address. Otherwise, I will get to vote for two DAP members in Air Putih and Bukit Bendera. Fuyoh, two DAP strongmen, as in Lim Guan Eng and Liew Chin Tong. But hubby is voting for them definitely.

To support them, here’s the DAP video

You know me right? I am the super obnoxious, kwai lan person so I always go for the underdogs and the rebellious stuffs. And here’s a good post on DAP Lim Kit Siang from James.

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  1. waa, check this out..127 year old voter ?..i dun know whether this person hidup or sudah mati..

    – 800311086231

    and the rest. kah x100

    – 801018775059
    – 811028045577

  2. ramzy – Kahkahkah, sudah mampus lorr…LOL, Born in 1880? Thanks for the joke. Now, I wonder what the EC is going to say? And I mean the Election Commission, not Edison Chen.

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