Will the pro-BN fansees please stand up?

If you look around the blogsfera Malaysia, a lot of bloggers are writing about the coming Malaysia general election 2008. It is hentam fest all the way. This wrong, that wrong, everything related to BN sure wrong. Seriously, if we read only blogs, it is like there is nothing right about Barisan Nasional at all. People are googling for Barisan Nasional blog and I have yet to see any that is worth mentioning.

In fact, I prepared a list of Malaysia election blogs on my other blog because I am using this general election as an experiment. PAS members have kept in touch and they do drop me comments and I like that. It shows that they are in touch with the situation. I may not be a fan of PAS but I like the fact that they have their members on the look out for posts about their parties. (BTW, I have checked the candidates list and there is no more PAS for my area this time but the seat is given to PKR.)

Penang election candidates list
List of candidates for election in Penang taken from Malaysiakini.

Meanwhile, the election in USA has a different tune. There are pros and cons to every political parties and they are vocal about it. Obama haters, Obama worshippers, Hillary lovers and Hillary unforgiving parties and so on.

Now, I wonder….are there bloggers out there who are Barisan Nasional supporters who didn’t speak up? Yo, please stand up, Barisan Nasional fans. Say ‘hi’ lah!

(I know my regular readers are sick and tired of seeing election blog from me everyday. But I don’t care worrr…)


A lot of people are wondering where to go to cast their vote on March 8. Maybe these are first time voters. Well, usually, you will get a letter in your mail with the information on which school or voting centre to go to. These come in snail mail with your registrar number. You will need to bring the registrar slip and your IC, if I remember correctly. Sometimes it is rather chaotic because they may assign you to another polling station than the one nearest to you. Anyway, don’t worry, all the political parties are going to spam your mail box with information and you can also check with those counters they set up outside the polling station before you enter to the school/polling centre. Got free transport also, no problem.

Go to this blog post for the guide on how to vote. Thanks a lot for the tips, pbb!

13 thoughts on “Will the pro-BN fansees please stand up?

  1. Seems that lately its been even less ‘fashionable’ to show support for the existing government – or put it another way, lately its been the ‘in’ thing to bash the government. Am not saying that the public has completely forgotten the good things the government has done for the country, just that for one reason or another, its vogue right now to speak up against the government and in the light of the coming election, to BN-bash (nevermind that there doesnt seem to be a viable alternative in the opposition).

    A pragmatic view is that there isnt a perfect government anywhere in the world and whilst that isnt an excuse for a corrupt and non-performing government (we can all bring to mind lots of less-than-perfect leaders in our neighbouring SEA countries), this thought needs to temper any rages against the existing coalition government. A good opposition is healthy and necessary, for the government – however, we mustn’t let that be the driving factor in deciding who will be able to bring our country forward.

    Yup, I’ll be voting BN come March 8th.

  2. tat’s why azalina warned bloggers not to over do it. well, if there wasn’t anything bad to say, we wld hav nothing to blog abt but the problem is – actually problems are – there are too many issues not resolved by the previous govt (that’s what they will quote “previous govt”) hehe

  3. that means incumbent la brader….. Aiyooo… you don’t know our wakil rakyat ah? Or maybe the wakil rakyat never showed up after the last erection…

  4. umar rentaka – Hahaha, I know none of my wakil rakyat cos I never depend on them also.

    johnny ong – Azalna wins without contest so she lagi lansi liao hor?

    decypher – The bold ones are the one already there like umar rentaka said.

    Not-Fashionable – You said it is healthy to have a good mix but if everyone vote BN, then, how to be a good mix ah?

    pbb – Tks for the link, I have added it to my post and hope it helps the others.

  5. I am not a BN fan nor the opposition parties.

    However I will vote for BN because I’ll be voting in a state where the previous MPs (obviously from BN) have done a lot for the people.

    Besides, the oppositions are almost unheard or liked here in Pahang.

    I remember there was one time Lim Kit Siang came to Kuantan for his campaign back in the 90s. Everyone at the food court, where I used to tapau for my grandma’s mahjong kaki, was calling him ‘Tai Hau Gao’/Big Mouth. I’m not insulting LKS because this is really what I heard when I was only in the lower secondary level at that time. So I guess, he wasn’t really popular here back then or even now.

    Seriously, I don’t think people who support BN would like to blog (in a positive way) or puji-puji BN here in the blogosphere. Why want to talk about it when you know the readers are majority BN-bashers. It’s better to just keep our mouth shut and wait for the results in the coming general election.

    P.S. I’m not surprised people are going to bash me right after this comment. Want to bet?

  6. Thanks for posting the list – I knew I could get succint info from you blog. Now, I only need to read up on what the candidates have been up to!

    Too bad I won’t be voting on Penang Island…haven’t updated my constituency yet after getting MyKad.

  7. Time to vote for Jeff Ooi and the Opposition. Time to negate corrupted BN government who SAPU all from rakyat. Exercise your right now!!

    TAK NAK TO ………….


    Yes, we need the check and balance for good governance.
    Please call upon all friends and relatives to vote for the Opposition.
    Please do ourselves favour by sending the right candidates to parliment
    to voice up for us. Especially Penang and Jelutong voters, we need more
    and more of your supports to reject BN parasites in the Parliment.

    Please call upon your friends and relatives, vote for the Opposition.
    Especially those staying in Penang, please vote for the Opposition. Let
    the Parliment have the real voice of rakyat.

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