7 facts Penangites ought to know about Penang CM Koh Tsu Koon

Here comes some reminders for Batu Kawan voters, if you’re undecided between Gerakan’s Koh Tsu Koon or DAP’s P. Ramasamy.

However, if you already decided to vote for Tsu Koon, there is still turning back before it’s not too late.

Now is the best time for you to re-evaluate your candidate based on the 7 reasons given below:


1. Compared to Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu (1969 to 1990), what did Dr Koh Tsu Koon achieve for Penang? Under Dr Koh leadership, Penang is heading towards a decline e.g.

* Georgetown has become a ghost town,
* Komtar is in a terrible shape,
* Public traffic transport system has broken down,
* Factories are moving out (Inventec, Siemens, Intel)
* Local economy is not doing well,
* Crime rate has become worse,
* Perceived marginalization of the poor of all races in Penang,
* Worsening wealth and development polarization,
* Temples are torn down

2. Dr Koh Tsu Koon is the first outgoing Chief Minister who gave away Gerakan’s power to choose a new chief minister to the hands of UMNO. He sold out his own party and the people of Penang.

3. Weeks ago, Dr Koh Tsu Koon announced the establishment of a committee to look after Indian community grievances BUT did not to field any non-Chinese candidates for his multiracial party. NO Indian or Malay candidates were nominated.

4. On the selection of a potential new Chief Minister of Penang, Dr Koh Tsu Koon made good command of Mandarin as the main criterion for selection. This means Malaysians who are capable, visionary, intelligent and academically qualified CANNOT become a Chief Minister of Penang is he/she is not Chinese educated. This statement is RIDICULOUS for a party which claims to practice non-racialism.

5. Dr Koh Tsu Koon is a weak and compliant leader to UMNO leaders. It is evident he will sell out the interests of the people of Batu Kawan and Penang to the greedy and corrupted UMNO leaders, just like he had so enthusiastically accepted the PGCC initially.

6. Dr Koh Tsu Koon cannot stand up for all Malaysians against Kerismuddin (Hishammudin Hussein), son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, Mohd Rustam Ali and other UMNO leaders.

7. If Dr Koh Tsu Koon is voted out, will the Chinese lose a minister? NO, he can still be appointed as a Senator and become a minister. VOTE for Professor Dr P. Ramasamy, VOTE for your voice to be heard in the parliament.

Vote for change!

Source : http://www.skthew.com


I got the above from SK Thew and all I can say is “Correct, correct, correct”

20 thoughts on “7 facts Penangites ought to know about Penang CM Koh Tsu Koon

  1. Steven – We can only hope for no more 2/3 majority because if there are more oppositions, they will make a lot of noises in Parliament and hence, money won’t be wasted on projects that benefits the cronies only. It is unlikely that we can totally change the whole Government.

  2. He really did not put enough effort in developing Penang lah. Just take one very recent example, how much the fund he got for Penang People to develop Chinese school in Penang as compared to the amount Johor got?

  3. The whole scenerio sulks !!! Yeah one thing that irks me most is the rising crime rate .. my wife being a victim of a snatch thief like many other unfortunate and worse off victims !!! Yeah, they have in their minds tons and tons of ideas on how they want to make this a better place for us but once when they come into power … well.. what is happening today speaks for itself !!!

    For one, I have yet to hear of any of them politician who so much as give a care and thought to the welfare of the animals. Animals have the right as any of us in this world and yet everyday one can see the endless unimaginable cruelty heaped upon them. The only difference is that they feel pain and suffer in silence. Look into their eyes and you can see how they reach out to you yet the cruelty heaped upon them are beyond understanding. Nothing has been done to the most inadequate laws governing this aspect.

    Gosh, whoever I vote for .. WILL IT EVER make a difference??? I just wonder !@#*!

  4. I dont mean to be rude.. but I’d like to say something simple, and I hope I dont offend anyone especially lillian.
    I used to like coming here reading about your blogs, it’ll make me laugh, it’ll make me hungry(all those yummy food pics), it’ll make me happy to think that a bunch of internet pals and frens wud come out and hang out without a care in the world. But lately, I’ve tried to avoid coming here. Cuz, everytime I stopped by, i’ll feel that this is not a great place to be living, this country is a very terrifying place to live in, and that everythings wrong with it. Gloomy and all. Seriously felt that, absolute gloom. What ever happened to the nice funny happy side of it all? …… this place, like this country, this town, it used to be/still is where I woke up everyday and have teh tarik and roti canai before I went to work.

  5. My view, to blame people of not capable or done not enough is easy. Try to put yourself in the position and think what you will do and how, i think is more praticle and respondsible…

  6. Friendly, CM Koh is a nice gentlemen. However, he is not a good leader. Just like our 1st Penang CM. He put Penang in bad shape. Therefore, we have our CM Lim!
    If you face his challenge, facing the Indian and Chinese, I think I will support him. However, he does not. Just like the Penang Airport almost move to SP during ex-PM time. He just follows. He is a good follower. We need a good leader. Nevertheless, I still do not find a good Chinese Leader since our CM Lim. Anyone?

  7. DAP already win in Penang…CM KTK is out…DAP LGE will become CM. Hope thing gets good!

  8. To Dearest Koh tsu koon,

    Dont leave us away…we all still always support you…you are the best and good minister in penang but dont worry although you lost but our heart still at u side…we hope one day u still be our minister…u do a lot to penang but they no appreciate it…but we appreciate it really…we like u and we wish u and all of your gerakan parties and MCA, all live happy and healthy forever…just treat that u all can relax for this five years. Love u all add oil and take care.

    From all the supporter for Koh tsu koon and parties and also MCA

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