Bwahaha, go play far-far

IMPORTANT TIPS FOR PENANGITES : Suankoo liao, mata-mata boh eng. Midlands One-Stop hor, RM8 for 3. Faster go buy. Oscars nominated movies, all beng-beng ho liao wan.

I was watching American Idol around 6pm+. And if you know how American Idol is, the most interesting part is to listen to Simon Cowell. BTW, he said one of the contestant, the jacuzzi guy OBNOXIOUS. And that got the whole of America searching for the meaning of Obnoxious, hence, causing my blog traffic to spike last night.

Ok, I want to concentrate on Simon Cowell’s comment and the door bell went ding-dong. Tiu, I know it has to be some people selling pots, collecting donation for temples or some freaky Christian evangelists. So, I never bother. My #3 son took a peek and told me, “Mommy, there are some really weird people at the door.”

I told him, “Go, go, tell them I am not free.”

But son said, “Really weird people.” (cos these people were wearing vest so son thinks they must be some official officers) So, the older brother helped to take another peek and told me, “BN people lah.”

So I told #3 son to go tell them I am not free and he went to say “my mother not free”. And after a while, I thought they have gone away.

Jokingly, I said loudly, “If DAP or PKR baru come, Barisan go far far lah.” (Na si DAP ar si PKR kah lai, Barisan khi kah hui tampok.)

OMG, it turned out that they were still standing at the door because they wanted to give us that little chit with info on where to vote. LOL, I was really loud so they heard me. And they replied, “Never mind….we just want to give you chit for the suankoo.”

Ammah…I don’t mean to be so obnoxious to those volunteer workers lah. So kesian them, walking all over the place kena dissed buta-buta. I thought they have gone to another home mah, how I know they were still standing there wor.

Then….fate has it that I bumped into Dr. Teng at the Pulau Tikus market. I went to buy char bee hoon for supper and the whole BN gang were walking from stall to stall. Niamah, you say we got fate or not? I baru blogged about him and there he is. They want to give me a stack of posters, A4 size faces of Dr Teng Hock Nan and Chia Kwang Chye but LOL, I told them, “Mai, thank you.” Damn…that was empowering. Say No to Barisan Nasional posters. *slaps self* Really mah, what for I take home two colourful poster of two boh en tau old men wor. Tiok boh?

And I am not the only kwailan one. There is one more kwailan than me.

11 thoughts on “Bwahaha, go play far-far

  1. ‘The Secret’ works on you. You’ve blogged about Dr Teng, and whether you like him or not, you have transmitted the frequency out to the universe and it responded back to you.

  2. niasing! ask them to go fark far far away!

    getting votes lidat..kanasai’s like FORCING ppl lor..with their so-called “TALKS”

    i’ve been to TONNES of “talks”..and damn they are no TALKS..they’re FORCING YOU! direct sales ka..mlm la..even religion mia pun ada..betahan..dun believe “TALKS”

    they probably use some hypnotic tools to hypnotize u into buying stuffs (door to door salesman…scratch n win…)

  3. Hahaha…. very interesting, u made me laugh over here!! I come here on & off to read your blog, i agree u r very `kwailan` blogger bcs sometimes yours posts har tio wa , but most of the time i find it interesting and real, i enjoy reading lah anyway 😀

  4. i have fun reading this actually,
    if BN does have potential,
    they don’t have to go advertise and *forcing* ppl like that…

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