Can the EC explains the secret to longevity of living to 138 years?

EC means Election Commission of Malaysia. Not Edison Chen.

A couple of nights ago, someone left me a comment in my voting station post with these IC numbers and asked me to check the SPR or electoral roll.

ramzy0 |

waa, check this out..127 year old voter ?..i dun know whether this person hidup or sudah mati..


and the rest. kah x100


Feb 26, 2:25 AM

Please do check. You will be amused.

Now, I know we have this indelible ink this year and I hope there are no such phantom voters problems happening?

I didn’t know we Malaysians can live up to over 138 years? Born in 1880 somemore. Fuyoh! Apa rahsia, EC?

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  1. Malaysia mah. Apa pun boleh! What is there to explain??? After Lingam, nothing needs explaining.

    Looks like 1880, read as 1880 but …….

    EC=BN, BN=EC. Period.

  2. Got more lah. Younger ones, no offense.


  3. Before the last election I made a complaint to SPR as they got my address wrong and assigned me to the wrong constituency to vote. I live in Tg Tokong and they sent me to Batu Lanchang to vote. But they said too late to change. The said I should have informed them when I moved out of Batu Lanchang. The funny thing is I never lived anywhere close to Batu Lanchang unless Hong Seng Estate, Madras Lane and Tg Tokong is considered near to Batu Lanchang.

    So last November I decided to get help to have my address changed as I knew elections were coming. I went to a Gerakan centre as I thought BN component party sure can help. I was shocked to find Ah Tu Ah Kau without any shirts on exposing their tattoed torsos and gambling away. I was not so politely told to ‘Pi lain tempat’.

    I ended up and Jalan Talipon at a DAP office. They were properly dressed and cordial and told me they got a lot of the same complaints of ‘transfered voters’. Unfortunately only SPR could change my address. So went back to SPR and they told me already changed, not to worry. But they refused to give me black and white. I went back in December and still was told the same thing. Again no black and white.

    I just checked the net and to no surprise I have been assigned to vote in Batu Lanchang again.

    Dacing is Cacing! EC=BN

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