One of my reader is traumatised by the posts I churned out lately. Jojo wants to wake up to nice happy place and Jojo said the country is still the same nice nice happy place every morning. So, folks, what do you think? Are we bloggers being too extreme and painted a gloomy picture when we are actually living in a nice country with teh tarik and roti canai?

jojo (comment on this post)
February 27th, 2008 at 5:58 pm e

I dont mean to be rude.. but I’d like to say something simple, and I hope I dont offend anyone especially lillian.
I used to like coming here reading about your blogs, it’ll make me laugh, it’ll make me hungry(all those yummy food pics), it’ll make me happy to think that a bunch of internet pals and frens wud come out and hang out without a care in the world. But lately, I’ve tried to avoid coming here. Cuz, everytime I stopped by, i’ll feel that this is not a great place to be living, this country is a very terrifying place to live in, and that everythings wrong with it. Gloomy and all. Seriously felt that, absolute gloom. What ever happened to the nice funny happy side of it all? …… this place, like this country, this town, it used to be/still is where I woke up everyday and have teh tarik and roti canai before I went to work.

Jojo, The reason I don’t wish to comment further is because I have better things to do. Like helping to post this following mail on my blog. You see, other than blogs and direct approach, the oppositions and all the concerned and wise citizens have very little outlet to share their views. The media has blacked out everything. So, you can go ahead and find your funny happy side of it.

I received an email from the Save Penang Action Team, which listed out a couple of reasons on why Penang voters, particularly those in Pulau Tikus should vote against Teng Hock Nan.

Teng is one of the potential candidate to succeed Koh Tsu Koon as the next Penang’s chief minister.

SAVE Penang, REJECT Dr Teng Hock Nan!

Dr Teng Hock Nan is not qualified to become the new CM of Penang for his poor track record. It is Gerakan’s wishful thinking that he can help to reinvent Penang.

Dr Teng Hock Nan has served as an assemblyman since 1990 and a Penang State Exco since 1999. This is what he has achieved by being the exco in charge of public transport and local government!

Dr Teng and his close ally-boss Dr Koh have failed miserably in bringing development to Penang. They are mere UMNO stooges. Just look at what happened to once the iconic Komtar. It is now a monumental shame!

Developers Love Dr Teng Hock Nan

The Penang Island Municipal Council and the Penang state government have been reluctant to demand any public accountability or organise public hearings. The Penang State Local Government Committee chairman Dr Teng Hock Nan rejected the NGOs’ proposal for public hearing. He claimed the council had already played its part in accordance with the law. As a CM, he will sell his soul and our rights to the developers.

Dr Teng is bias towards the disabled

He told the press that a survey on the needs of the wheelchair-bound will be conducted before RapidPenang can introduce disabled-friendly buses for them. Making public transportation accessible for the wheelchair-bound could not be done overnight, Local Government and Traffic Committee chairman Dr Teng said. We must first identify the main areas where wheelchair-bound passengers live and the places they normally travel to. It is not as simple as buying wheelchair-friendly buses which are costly. It is obvious that he cannot become a caring CM.

Gohead Not Gostan

Dr Koh Tsu Koon spoke eloquently about globalization and change but he made Chinese proficiency as the only criterion to select a CM. A capable CM should be innovative, knowledgeable, visionary and good in economic planning and implementation. Dr Teng, who is 63 years old, has none of these qualities judging from his past record. Does Dr Koh mean that all non-chinese educated Penangites are not fit to lead Penang no matter how smart or capable they are? His decision shows that Gerakan is not a non-racial party as it claims to be.

UMNO stooges

It is proven from Dr Koh ridiculous justification to choose Dr Teng as his anointed successor that both of them are stooges of UMNO. Penang deserves better.


Concerned Citizens of Penang
Save Penang Action Team

I wish to add my personal points:

He never gave me MC when I was voiceless, back in those time when he was a doctor in China Street. Bwahahaha…..

Folks, remember to tell Jojo if you agree with the statement that we bloggers are being too negative for painting such gloomy picture of our country.