Obnoxious = 5xmom

Define : Obnoxious

Very annoying or objectionable; offensive or odious

Yesterday, someone buzzed me about a post I wrote in Make Money blog. The person wants to know if I am referring to such and such blogger. I like that! It makes people guessing and gives them the thrills of finding out through the clues I left.

So, how did I end up this The Most Obnoxious 5xmom, you may ask. Well, it is actually some Bloggers Choice Award and Pablopabla nominated me for that category and I ended up with the most votes, after Perez Hilton. It can be said to be the most flattering award because not everyone can come close to Perez Hilton. I even beat all those political bloggers from the USA. Do you know how offensive those political bloggers in USA are?

I just read that they dragged Obama’s past into the election campaign and Obama WAS a Muslim and some sites even showed Obama in a turban. *sweats* At least our country only put a sleeping Prime Minister as their election campaign video. Obama’s middle name is Hussein and LOL, hear this, some said he is the distant cousin of Osama. *faints* At least over here, we only have son-in-law.

Then, if that’s not enough, Bill Clinton’s past girlfriends surfaced again and in particular Gennifer Flowers. She was the one whom had taped her conversations with Bill Clinton. But then, here we have A.Yam tape to compare with Lingam tape.

Anyway, lately, I have lost that Obnoxiousness because no one ruffles my feathers. Anyone? Mau gaduh kah? Political blogs are getting boring. I have received tonnes of email forwards and if we translate those into votes, I bet it is going to be a major screw up in the Malaysia election results.


7 thoughts on “Obnoxious = 5xmom

  1. pablo – Reflects their leaders. LOL. Reliable sources told me that both parties were invited to have an open debate here, i.e. DAP/PKR and BN candidates on the same stage but BN rejected it.

    kadusmama – The USA politics lagi kotor hahaha.

  2. Over here in Bukit Bintang, BN candidate issued invitation for open debate with incumbent DAP MP. DAP MP says “No problemo”. This shows that this DAP MP is willing to put himself to scrutiny…unlike majority of BN candidates who don’t have scr..t..m.

  3. Ya loh 5xmom..just because the name is Obama terus kena link tu osama!! hahaa i wonder if our politician here in malaysia will link others with penjahat @ terrorist @ communist..mana tau..want to follow like US one..

  4. well lilian… is there something like ar.. can term deliciously obnoxious? I sure vote for you too !

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