The BS Penang BN and Gerakan gives

Almost every unit has undergone some sort of renovation and instead of just being greeted by the sight of colourful laundry, air conditioning and satellite dishes now welcome visitors – clearly a sign of improved living standards.

Who you wanna braff lah….Phak cheng poh or Rifle Range is a slum. Poverty, crammed living conditions, infested with rats, horrible stench from the rubbish chutes and all that you can think of. The residents live there because they have no other options.

(I manage to steal this photo of the real Rifle Range from Bart’s blog.)

For 65-year-old Ong Ah Han, the opposition is all about talk.

“Recently, PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim gave a ceramah here. Though he managed to get everyone excited, I don’t think it would translate into votes. We are not so easily brainwashed by clever oratory,” he said.

Barisan candidate Quah Kooi Heong, who is defending the Kebun Bunga seat, said that though 60% of the Rifle Range residents were senior citizens, they were educated and aware of current issues.

And Ah Chek, that’s why all of you have to bear with living in that area because you keep having disillusions that it is the only way to live. Our cheng hoo (government) hardly give any thoughts to the cram living conditions because they probably never walked in the corridors you walked. I have been there once and that one time is enough to give me claustrophobia because I have never been to such a small unit of flats. Here’s one post I wrote in 2005 on life in Rifle Range. So who are you trying to braff that Pak Cheng Por got improved living standards?

(Photo taken from Angie&Bart’s post)

Penangites, if you meet any Barisan Nasional and especially Gerakan or MCA politicians telling you how marvellous Penang is because we have a lot of developments, please tell them to STFU and go travel Penang to Prai during peak hours and stick in that 2-3 hours traffic jam along the bridge before they want to push that bullshit of developments to us.

Oh ya, while I am ranting, I notice how huge the Barisan Nasional posters are along Berjaya properties. In particular Datuk Kramat Road, Ivory properties. Koh Tsu Koon‘s nose is taller than my 5’ 6″ height. His spectacle is the size on an Olympic swimming pool size.

The development our cheng hoo talked about only benefits a few people. Big, luxurious condominiums only make some people richer. Meanwhile, pak cheng por folks still need to live in cram condition. If only we have a Government that is lead by their hearts to serve the poor and make lives comfortable for them. But don’t dream lah. The ruling party will continue lying to all these poor ahpeks and ahpors through the mainstream media.

**This post is not politically motivated but if you have seen those people living in Rifle Range, you will want to do something to improve living conditions for them. They are great people with very good neighbourliness. But crimes exists as well because when people are put into a cram living condition like that, they need outlets.

All quotes taken from The Star :

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14 thoughts on “The BS Penang BN and Gerakan gives

  1. Hmm…actually, almost all government low cost housing schemes are like these:-

    VIP open ceremony and give crappy speech about eleviating the living standards of the rakyat from slums and squatters to nice cheery looking pigeon holes. Rakyat takes keys and move in only to discover cracks appearing in a year or two. Then, over a period of time, the cheery paint job becomes a dull eyesore as the government could not be bothered to give it a fresh coat of paint. The residents become disillusioned and continue to live in their new slum neighbourhood squatting amongst the few hundred others.

    Just see what the Singapore gomen do for their HDB flats? A fresh coat of paint every few years to keep things nice and tidy. What’s the point of showing and boasting about the Pearl of the Orient when all tourists see are gleaming condos in contrast with flats like those in Rifle Range?

  2. Barisan candidate Quah Kooi Heong, who is defending the Kebun Bunga seat, said that though 60% of the Rifle Range residents were senior citizens, they were educated and aware of current issues.

    Yes, 60% are senior citizens BUT they are not educated and aware of current issues!

    Only old folks with no option will stay there and most of their children (if they have any) already moved to other better places.

  3. Pablo – yalor, I really beh tahan with their skewed reports in the paper mah. It shows a sunny bright unit and improved living standard worrr when in actual fact, there are many run-down blocks. And then, using these Ah Peks for their propagandas.

  4. Bryan – Read oso tulan hor? Hahaha, I mean, be realistic a bit lah, don’t give us such misinformed news then, I will probably respect a bit. But they bullshit so much, deserve kena tiu by the 5xmom mah, tiok boh?

  5. It’s a pity to be observing such place and to be called home. When I was in Manchester being a student, I saw City Council demolished 70’s council flats (reads free/subsidised home for the poors) to make way for better modern council homes. This is a true welfare practise by clean government to educated and well informed rakyats. Anybody qualified can apply for the homes regardless of wether they are black, arabs or even chinese.

  6. Tiok tiok la Lilian… deserve to be tiued… really
    deserve and by none other than the one and only 5xmom !!!
    Hahaha good one Lilian !

  7. The amount of propaganda on local newspapers lately are nauseating to say the least…especially NST. So much about the call for fair play and reporting.

  8. Time to vote for Jeff Ooi and the Opposition. Time to negate corrupted BN government who SAPU all from rakyat. Exercise your right now!!

    TAK NAK TO ………….

    Yes, we need the check and balance for good governance.
    Please call upon all friends and relatives to vote for the Opposition.
    Please do ourselves favour by sending the right candidates to parliment
    to voice up for us. Especially Penang and Jelutong voters, we need more
    and more of your supports to reject BN parasites in the Parliment.

    Please call upon your friends and relatives, vote for the Opposition.
    Especially those staying in Penang, please vote for the Opposition. Let
    the Parliment have the real voice of rakyat.

  9. terence – Me too, I oso sienz liao. Nobody wanna oppose the opposition wan. Like this, how about I sapot BN pulak? Sure kena hack wan. LOL.

    matterofchoice – Sai mm sai spam 7 comments at one go ah? Tell you what lah brader, your method of leaving comments won’t go far wan. Go hit the search engines and get the search results using reverse psychology, like me. People looking for Undi Barisan Nasional on the internet, sure find my posts wan. Muahahar. Anyway, since you mention JeffOoi, I kasi chance to leave one comment for you lar.

    pablo – Now, they even print newspaper-type propaganda and leave on my doorstep. I have been wondering, if BN people come kacau my breakfast or supper, how do I react ah? LOL, never mind, wave them away like those people selling trinkets with fake fund raising certificates. Boh eng, boh eng, lu pigi main jauh-jauh.

    steeky – They all too much mah. Now, wuah, using Indians pulak, every darn Chinese and Malay politicians all also so sayang Indians, speak Tamil konon.

    Mohamed – Exactly, good Government will find ways to give these folks better living conditions. But no, now they move out all those squatters staying on lands, give them a pigeon hole and build luxurious apartments and sell to foreigners. These foreigners buy up several units at one shot as investment and jack up the price further.

  10. i respect your SEO la! Ha ha!! barisan nasional keyword first search result is your don’t vote for them post. wakakaka

  11. well, I had been walking around the area before, u know Rifle Range, and man, it was so dark, even sometime when i took the elevator alone it just scared me, especially when a ‘rapist-looking’ guy entered the elevator. To think of liveing it shudders me.. now when come to think of it there are now so many unoccupied units in those flats, so what is the Government going to do? Robohkan so can build new car park?

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