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My mommy always smiling


Big ko-ko with spectacles


#3 ko-ko (when I broke his Lego structures)


#2 ko-ko (because he is always chasing after me to spank me as I like to meddle with his things and spoil them)


My papa always serious looking

7 Responses to “Expressions”

  1. Bey Ta Han liao… I just wanna pinch his cheek and give him a big kiss and also a big HUG. You are a lucky mum to have little Matthew.

  2. Wah…so natural la, all his poses…can be future model! Or can even advertise for some ads on the telly!

  3. i like the big ‘koko’ expression..soooo cute!

  4. Whole family on one face. Haha…

  5. Matthew is so cute! I remember that time u brought him to the Penang Bloggers Meet, the things he said all very cute la. lol.

  6. omg………soooooooooooooooooooo cute..can i give him a kiss?lol..he very good at posing ah..born poser..hehe..

  7. #2 is so cute! He must take after his mother 😉