16 thoughts on “Five

  1. happy 5th birthday matthew!! hugs and muacks!

    p/s: eh, every yr oso got feb 28th mah…a leap year got 29th…

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Huge cake, can finish or not?

    sooi sooi – Don’t we all know that. Read the last line again lah.

  3. Have to admit, that is a HUGE cake. And in the second photo I thought someone was going to put out the candle with their fingers, but on closer examination the candles are being lit.

    Happy birthday to your boy šŸ™‚

  4. happy birthday matthew! love the cake, so hard to find decorations like that anymore (the jelly like colours)…these days only can find those fondant fancy stuff that dont even taste good.

  5. terence: “Born on a none leap year. Otherwise, only one birthday every four years”

    meaning if matthew was born on feb 28th on a leap year he celebrate birthday only once every 4 years???

    whose english got problem jek? :p

  6. sooi sooi – Sorry, my command of the English language is very poor but I understood what Lilian was writing. Woi! Lilian, your English got problem! Niamah!!!

  7. matthew..happy birthday!!
    sue jie jie give u a big big hug and kiss ya..hehe..later ur mommy sue jie jie coz she thinks jie jie a bit lunny..lol..

  8. happy birthday to my l’l cousin brother ! šŸ™‚ looks like he’s still very into the simpson family ! šŸ™‚

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