7 thoughts on “Boh Eng

  1. we want lilian!! we want lilian! kasi wa lang lilian!

    if she really kena tahan by police we all go kempen like this. lol

  2. Sooi sooi – Then read Lilian’s blog all over again.

    super suji – She eating Kali Lice. No need to miss the blog. The blog didnt go anywhere. Bwahahah!!!

    Robb – You and who? I dont wanna go leh. Ask Bryan to join you. LOL.

  3. Wahhh…I kena kidnap by Terence and he wanted to hijack my blog to spread election propagandas. Lucky I managed to wrestle is back already.

    But sorry lah, I was so busy yesterday to clear my paid posts as it was month’s end. And today, I have no laptop, now working from my iMac, semua passwords I also forget.

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