By now, you are probably sick and tired of hearing the non-stop propagandas for the Malaysia election 2008. Turn on Astro, we have these bunch of Malay don’t look like Malay, Indian definitely don’t look like Indian supposedly Malaysians telling us how they love the country.

Walk out of your home, you have posters that blocked everything else. And these politicians even come knocking on our doors to drop booklets and posters.

Today MIC advertised through The Star (and I bet other mainstream media as well) about what MIC and Barisan Nasional has done for the country. But this Semi Blue si peh kwailan, he spoiled the advertisement with one single line in bolded fonts ‘Opposition has done nothing.’ Aiyoyo, macha, apasal lu manyak spiteful. If you want to tell us how great MIC is, just say that enuff lah. Why you go and smite oppositions? Bad move, lah anneh.

If you haven’t read yet, Barisan Nasional advertised on Yahoo Mail. Vote for Malaysia. Shadowfox has a very good post on that in case you haven’t read it.

Now, in this age, who the fark use Yahoo Mail lah? Ini era G-mail. And who says Barisan Nasional is Malaysia? And how come the Immigration Department can be used to advertise for Barisan Nasional, claiming that it takes 3 hours to process a passport. You think we impressed kah? We all poor people never go out of the country, tarak passport lah wei.

Barisan Nasional, MIC, MCA, Gerakan, UMNO mari advertise on my blog lah. I can do paid post, I can place banner, I allow background takeover, I am an expert in hitting the first page of search results….what more do you need? Gerenti mia. Undi Barisan Nasional.

Come use some of the budget and advertise on 5xmom – Vote Barisan Nasional.

Sigh… many more days to Malaysia election day, please? Beh tahan ledi, too much lies until I want to puke. Last night I watched TV and saw a very serious looking Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon who spoke in Mandarin. I wasn’t sure who he was talking about but I know he aksi said he won’t talk to people who have no manners. I though what big deal. Kahakahakah….it is only a claim that JeffOoi ask him go jump sea. Chey…don’t so siu hei, Mr. CM. In fact, you must learn this method of rebutting because if not, the Mr. Yes, PM attitude will soon cause all of us skali masuk air. Better to be truthful than to be well mannered and being taken advantage of.