Warkah untuk PM – (was) An open letter to Pak Lah

* a re-post*

Dear Pak Lah

Please tell me….


Four girls who were victims of the molester, were also brought to the building by police to assist in investigations.

(source : The Star)

One girl went missing.

One girl brutally murdered and raped.

And our police are still :

looking for
trying to ascertain
*inserts other reasons*


When the Chua Soi Lek sex DVD leaked out, there are so many police who have so much time to go from door to door to investigate? Catching VCD peddlars?


When one girl got molested, nothing was done?
When two girls got molested, nothing was done?
When three girls got molested, nothing was done?
When four girls got molested, nothing was done?

Then, adik Nurin died brutally, so brutal I cannot even face the reality of it (because I am a mother and a bereaved mom) and nothing was done?

And now, adik Sharlinie is missing and I also dare not think about it (because my own youngest son is the same age as her and I cannot imagine having a son gone missing in this way) and we are still :

looking for
trying to ascertain
*inserts other reasons*

Pak Lah, please tell me.

Is it because our Malaysian criminals are really that darn smart, they can evade the law?

Or is it otherwise?

As what I understand, the crimes took place at around the same place.
Don’t these little girls lives matter to you?
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Six whys for each of the little girls.

May Allah protect adik Sharlinie from harm. I mean the Muslims’ Allah. Otherwise, Pak Lah, I know you cannot sleep well because these four little girls’ future are badly bruised, the hearts of adik Nurin’s family are forever broken and only God knows what will happen to adik Sharlinie.

You make me very disappointed. You are our Prime Minister of Malaysia. You are in charge of Internal Security. You are supposed to keep us from harm. But people get killed in broad day light. Little girls got molested again and again and again and again and we don’t see justice done. It is the repeated occurrence that saddened me most.

How am I going to explain to my little boy? I showed him adik Sharlinie’s photo and told him that this little girl has been taken by bad guys. I said he must always stay close to me when we go out. I told him that we must pray that she will be ok. And he asked me, “Why the police no catch the bad guys leh?”

How do I answer that, Pak Lah? This is not just one occurence. This has happened to five other girls, in the same area.

Oh yes, Pak Lah, please enjoy your trip. And please tell your Ministers, including the Education Minister that CCTVs will not solve crimes. Not when our country is so hard up for major developments like the NCER, ECER macam-macam pun ER. All the mommies and daddies have to work harder and no amount of CCTVs can replace that kind of security that parents normally provide for their children. Please prove to me a country where they have CCTVs everywhere and their crime rate is the lowest in the world. Otherwise, Pak Lah, I know our hard earned gaji will spent on CCTVs which will probably rosak when it is needed most. I live long enough to know this fact.

Sedih, Pak Lah, sedih.

Please visit Nurin‘s blog maintained by her uncle. Please read this post ‘An evening at Taman Sri Medan

many Rela and Policemen there, have they found her? But no, she was still missing. Then shouldn’t the Rela and Policemen and the scores of people be somewhere else looking for Nini? Then I realise the reality check, the scores of people, the swamp of reporters, the “platoons” of Policemen and Rela personnels were actually there because there were some VVIPs at Nini’s grandparents house at that time. So that’s the reason for the cordoning, diversion of traffic and the heavy presence of Rela and Policemen! Aargh! I really felt like a fool thinking something big was happening there.

But something big was happening indeed. Our PM’s wife and the Selangor MB and his wife were there, at Nini’s grandparents house.”

and see how our police have gotten their priorities all wrong. Doesn’t such things make you very, very mad?

(this is a re-post because my original post went missing when I moved server in January)

34 thoughts on “Warkah untuk PM – (was) An open letter to Pak Lah

  1. Is it possible that the rapist is some’ones’s ( high up there) son and all that “searching
    looking for
    trying to ascertain” are just for show??? Maybe I’m watching too much CSI.
    I remember as a kid the police were used as escort for big shots’ wife going to the market instead of doing their actual jobs.

  2. Er Lilian… I clicked on those related posts above and I see a lot of random A’s with that thingy on top among all your sentences. ( must be a glitch–dunno your end or mine)

  3. steven – Hope so

    zewt – do u seriously think that i think he is listening? Doh, use your brains lah.

    anthraxxxx – Memang lah, going to the wrong source. Tangkap all the farmers, peddlars for what fark lah hor?

    romantic – There was one point when the WordPress automatically converted spaces to those cilaka A. I need to replace but scared of messing up so I live with them.

  4. well said! and beyond mad!

    if it wasn’t because of the good people looking for sharlinie..i think they would’ve covered the news. pretend like nothing has happened, like probably the 23847293847239874 cases they have done so before!

    one of “them” dies in accident..wana make a big deal, one of “them” get murdered..wana make a big deal..but when things happen to others, they throw out their “tidak apa” attitude. FArKkK them!

  5. i sahpot u in this but for my knowledge…


  6. i wanted to comment on this yesterday, but brian was doing maintenance. lol…

    the crime rate is indeed shocking in malaysia currently. my colleague got robbed in the afternoon, 3 something, right in front of our office in the open field where we park our cars !!

  7. Malaysia wasnt safe anymore. Rape, Killing, Murder & Corrupction. There is no more safe place for us, Only Penang & Sabah – i think the moment safe.

    Im as a new parent, whole family & relative’s pray for Sharlinie survivor. I know, time is running out for sharlinie, lets just pray & faith.

    I hope Sharlinie, wont suffer much as Nurin did.

    Another Issue, who will be the next PM ? please

  8. he never listen to the rakyat’s voice, he is dreaming PM
    never wake up, because he is sitting so comfort now, a lot of “corridor” and “projects” so the money can masuk poket easily
    got project got money lah
    so malaysian should wake up and deny this sleeping PM
    say to pak tidur
    vote opposition

  9. CCTV? 1st MORE STREET LIGHTS in MALAYSIA as bright as THE SUN not the moon please THEN WE HAVE MORE CCTV

  10. Wei Daddy Keaton, Penang where got safe leh ???
    My wife got the scars still to show from a scum of
    a snatch thief who dont give a hoot to life and
    property !

  11. you people always say you are being treated unfair, this not fair, that not fair…
    Ask you, where in the world is fair?
    You say in Penang not safe, then where in the world is 100% safe?
    You say Pak Lah is causing all these things, then why not Anwar or Lim Kit Siang?
    You thing of yourself being robbed, then what about others?
    Why use Sharlinie as an issue, using someone else’s grief as your stepping stone?
    You speak as if you are 100% perfect, yet when you do something wrong, you see it as a punishment for the Govt. Think…..

  12. It time to change our EC. The Chief EC…big liar. Because of him the EC make people lose of confident of Malaysia Election System. He should be sack or resign for the result of the Election 2008. PM should wake up and it time to give to the permimpin who has majority votes where rakyat willing them to stay. Not the one who has less majority or close fight. Honey moon is over Pak Lah..it time to has new dawn for Malaysia.

  13. Rumah saya di Kg.Pantai Dalam,Kuala Lumpur banjir tiap2 kali hujan.Air longkang masuk dalam rumah sedalam satu meter.Bantuan segera dikehendaki segera.Hubungi saya Haji Mahmud Bin Khamis di telefon nombor 03-22834581.Sekian.

  14. Akum Pak Lah,

    Saya amat risau tentang crime rate di negara kita, hari-hari ada je kes jenayah. Kes Nurin, Sharlini dan Altantuya adalah yang terbaru, macamana kes yang lama-lama tu, kes anak cina yang di culik dulu( sampai lupa dah namanya ) semua jadi mainan harian rakyat. POLIS ! Apa yang mereka buat tak lebih dari mencari kes-kes yang hanya untuk melepaskan batuk di tangga sedangkan kes-kes yang besar macam ni POLIS tak nampak ( buat-buat tak nampak ). Kredibility Pak Lah is at stake here, Pak Lah adalah Menteri Dalam Negeri and our PRIME MINISTER. Satu pendekatan dan tindakan drastik perlu dilakukan demi Malaysia. Penangkapan dan pemenjaraan penjenayah bukan jalan penghabisan tapi proses penyedaran perlu dilakukan agar ianya tidak berulang. Saya cadangkan konsep zoo diguna pakai, Pak Lah buat sel-sel atau jel di tempat awam atau dalam perkarangan Balai Polis agar mak bapak dapat bawa anak-anak melawat dan tengok banduan macam kat zoo. Dari situ mak bapak dapat didik anan-anak mulai dari kecil lagi tentang undang-undang. Secara tak langsung cara ini penjenayah akan rasa malu dan bertaubat takkan mengulangi jenayah lagi.
    Sekarang ni semuanya tak selamat, dah tak ada rasa selamat di mana-mana pun kita berada.
    Pak Lah please hear us, kami bergantung hidup dan nyawa melalui perancangan ekonomi dan polisi keselamatan yang Pak Lah implement. Buatlah sesuatu.
    Semoga Pak Lah sentiasa sihat walafiat menghadapi cabaran mendatang. Assalamualaikum.

  15. saya harap pak lah dapat bersabar ini adalah perbuatan ilmu sihir untuk menjatuhkan yg bhrmt.sememangnya UMNO adalah sebuah parti politik yang paling kuat di Malaysia.Harapan saya agar yg bhrmt dapat mempertahankan bangsa melayu kita.Saya juga ada pengalaman terkena ilmu sihir,orang yang menggunakannya untuk kepentingan diri semata-mata.Orangnya perempuan dari bangsa Kelantan.

  16. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ salam…perubahan yang bagus untuk BPR dan sistem kehakiman negara ms depan negara!!
    pastikan semua kakitangan menjalankan tanggungjawab

  17. tahniah kerana harga minyak telah naik pe paras RM2.70seliter. Dan tahniah juga kerana telah menarik balik LARANGAN mengisi minyak kepada warga asing. NAMPAKnya negara kita lebih takutkan singapura. Tiada satupun perundangan atau peraturan yang ketat kepada warga singapura di malaysia. TAHNIAH sekali lagi. JAdi, tak hairanlah kalau isu batu putih gagal kita miliki kerana isu dalaman sekecil penguatkuasaan pun boleh dibatalkan inikan pula isu pulau yang terletak di luar jajahan.

    isu melarang warga asing mengisi minyak perlu diteruskan bro….. sebabnya lu pikirlah sendiri.Walaupun lu dah berjaya naikkan minyak. isu menghalang warga asing mengisi minyak dalam area 50km perlu diteruskan. Lupa nak beritahu, mungkin semua YB2 di parlimen tu yang tak nak LARANGAN itu dikuatkuasakan sebab YB2 tu lah tokey2 minyak di area sempadankan? takut PETROL KIOSK nya kena tutup???

    fikirkan mengapa semua ini terjadi?? Adakah saya yang bersalah sebagai warganegara malaysia? atau pemimpin kita yang kurang menjalankan tanggungjawab untuk membela nasib rakyat yang rata2 sekarang hidup dibwah taraf kemiskinan. Fikirkan ttg rakyat yang berpendapatan sederhana!! Kalau fikirkan ttg mereka yang pendapatan tinggi rasanya mreka tak perlu ke kedai setiap hari untuk membeli barangan harian.

    pls: take ur self in ur shoe’s !!!!

    tak hairan jika penstrukturan semula ini akan mengakibatkan keadaan yang aman di negara ini mengalami kekacauan dimasa akan datang…

    Tak hairan juga Pilihan raya akan datang barisan pasti kehilangan banyak kerusi diparlimen kerana penstrukturan semua KAKITANGAN kerajaan yang bertaraf kontrak dijalankan. ini kerana ramai diantara mereka telah mengabdikan diri untuk berkhidmat di dalam kerajaan tetapi notis pemberhentian telah merusakkan harapan. FIKIRKAN lah sendiri. Dimana mereka yang telah diberhentikan ini ingin mencari rezeki? Anak telah sekolah, hutang rumah dan bank telah sedia maklum, bagi kakitangan kerajaan, tiada yang tidak berhutang (kakitangan sokongan) dan mereka2 yang cuma kerani cabuk!!!~~ walhal mereka inilah yang mengundi barisan nasional walaupun dengan jurangan kemenangan yang semakin tipis tempoh hari. FIKIRKAN LAH >>>>

    Kami masih sayangkan MALAYSIA, tetapi rakusnya pemimpin yang diatas sana memikirkan bisnes dan empayar bisnes yang telah mereka bina dan hilang perjuangan untuk rakyat. Rakyat makin dibebani hutang…..sehinggakan dalam tidur pun interest bank bertambah.
    inikah pembangunan ECER, SJER yang diagungkan ???

    sekiranya email ini @ komen ini masih dipandang remeh, saya bersumpah dengan nama ALLAH, akan ranaplah semua pembangunan yang ingin dirancangkan. ini kerana DOA orang yang teranianya seperti ‘kami’ …rakyat yang biasa lebih dimakbulkan ALLAH.


  18. Salam Sejahtera..
    Disini saya ingin meminta menteri pelajaran @ yg berkuasa supaya mengarahkan sEkolah Menengah Teknik Seri Pelindung agar waktu pulang di awlkan seperti jam 2.40..Ini kerana waktu pulang sekarang Ialah jam 3.10..Pengetua sekolah MeNENgah TeKnik Seri Pelinudng mengatakan bahawa balik lewat kerana ader nyer pelajaran vokasional..Tetapi Sekolah Menengah Teknik Muadzham Shah,Pahang juga ader pelajaran vokasional dan juga SMT Sangang Temerloh sedangkan waktu pulang mereka pada jam 2.40petang..Diharapkan Pihak Tuan/Puan Dapat mempertimbangkan cadangan saya.. Sekian Terima Kasih

  19. Salam…
    I dnt think he’s listening coz he’s busy planning where some more part of the world that he hasn’t visit yet.. so to see this corner of the issue will tunggu lah dulu yek..
    Kalau he’s really think about all of the people he will not senang2 let all the price uppp like that uhh…
    And he’s calling all the what so call rakyat to him to berjimat cermat how la.. or he mean in order to go anywhere you must not eat or if you need to eat then dont go anywhere./..ceh.. merapulah orang tua nie..
    Anyway may ALLAH show him the right path and then let some one who is able and willing to really think about what is really good for all the RAKYAT.
    Anyway ANWAR PKR tu lagi merapu banyak sikit dari Pak Lah… jangan berangan la… kite nie rakyat masih waras lagi… ok… tak pun ko..lah

  20. Salam

    Paklah yang dihormati.
    Saya mengambil peluang mengucapkankan jutaan terima kaseh kepada Paklah yang telah memimpin negara ini dari pelbagai aspek,sehingga belum lagi ada yang mati kelaparan,peristiwa pertumpahan darah yang dasyat serta belum ada huru hara yang mengganggu kehidupan rakyat khas nya orang macam saya.Saya pun teringin nak jadi PM macam paklah. Tapi tak mampu..Cukuplah setakat saya beritahu paklah bahawa pemain bola itu tahu susahnya dari penonton yang bersorak distadium.
    Sekurang kurangnya you are the sellected player.

    Tahniah Paklah.
    Saya doakan paklah sihat dan panjang umur.

  21. assalamualaikum..
    pak lah saya yg bekerja sebagai ajen penghantaran di tanjung puteri kastam ingin melapor kan kegiatan rasuah di sini sangat berleluasa…
    kaki tangan kastam yg diberi amanah kerjaan untuk menjalankan tugas tidak amanah, jujur dan iklas….
    setiap hari mereka memeras ajen penghantaran untuk membayar wang sekira permintaan mereka tidak dihirau kan form kastam yng kami hantar tidak dilayan

    sekiranya satu hari lori akn memasuki singapure dalam kadar purata 300 buah…… kira lah satu lori dikenakan bayaran RM2 tanpa resit rasmi kastam berapa mereka cekik duit ajen2 yg ada disana?kalu satu hari pendapatan diut haram ni dikira sudah RM600…..kalo 1 bulan berapa?

    kami berharap tuan dapat menghantar pasukan bpr untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini….hapus kan along kerajaan tinkatkan prestasi kurang kan rasuh di kalangan kakitangan kastan

  22. dear pak lah
    saya nk ckap pasal cara pmilihan TLDM.Adakah badan uniform kerajaan memilih bulu antara mereka? Saya adalah di antara calon2 terakir dalam pimilihan TLDM,berasa sangat tidak puas hati pada keputusan pemilihan itu.ketika pengumumam senarai yang terpilih kebanyakannya diisi oleh golongan yang mempunyai”kabel”.Kalau begini tidak gunanya pemilihan dilakukan dan hanya membuang masa,wang peserta2 yang memang berbakat.Cuba bayngkan jikalau yang berjaya itu mempunyai penyakit darah tinggi,x buat ujian fitness,sedangkan ada peserta yang bersungguh2 menyelesaikan segala ujian dengan amanah tapi akirnya orang yang menipu dan anya duduk goyang kaki yang berjaya.Kalau begini,x pelik kenapa negara kita sekarang susah untuk mencapai kemajuan.. ada satu ketika semasa dalm board ada diantara kami yang diajukan dengan soalan iaitu ” siapa yang kamu rase tidak layak dalam pemilihan 18org di antara 42 ini” lantas membe saya itu menjuk seseorang tapi malang tetibe dia di sergah oleh salah seorang pegawai dlm board itu.. orang yang spatutnya di tunjuk oleh membe saya itu mengidap darah tinggi dan banyak x melakukan ujian… tapi kenapa dalam keputusan .. org itu berjaya ,, okey sya dan kawan2 disini mengharap sesuatu.. kami yang sedia berkorban tok negara,……

  23. kepada yang megharap: Sila dedahkan nama-nama mereka yang terlibat Isyaallah kami akan menyiasat dan ambil tindakkan yg sewajarnya. kalau boleh tarikh,tempat pemilihan dan sbgainya.

  24. Pak lah yang disayangi tolong jangan lepaskan jawatan PM, kalau Pak Lah nak pegang UMNO tak pa tapi jangan penat pegang jawatan PM tolonglah Pak LAh jangan lepas jawatan sebagai PM masih ramai yang sokong Pak LAh

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