I have nothing to write lah. Come see what lah! My Sony Vaio hor, if I restart it, it will take at least 30 minutes to fire up again. I need to reformat it but I am too lazy to transfer my data into the external hard drive.

pancake with maple syrup

Dollar pancake with maple syrup. I hope these photos make you hungwweeeeeee. I am beginning to gian meat already. Go anywhere also kena makan rumput. So sad.

buckwheat pancake

See this platter of tiny pancakes? I kenot eat the smoked salmon nor the beef salami nor the ham and cheese nor the tuna. Only the terong and the olives and the mushroom. Ammah!!!! I don’t want to play already. The 3 tiny pieces not enough to fill my teeth cavities.


These two thin pancake also walloped by my kids. So I thought I want to play cheat a bit and wanted to order those octopus balls from Jusco. Nay, those red octopus cook inside the Japanese balls, with those flying fishes? But my kids all went…”HAH! Haram, you cannot eat. You said you got strong will power. No, cannot.”

cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes. Where got people eat cherry tomatoes lah!

See? I finish one blog post and my cilaka Vaio is still restarting. Niamah! I got tonnes of things to do there. I got mails to reply. I got photos to download. Ish, Vista sucks. Sony also sucks.