Do they serves fake meats like this in ISA?

vegetarian roasted pork

I was having lunch with rice and this plate of vegetarian roasted pork. Vegetarian is not the pig which eats only grass. Vegetarian means the above yummy roasted pork is made of soy products. Geddit? Halal.

Suddenly, the thought of my blog readers who always poke fun at me about throwing a slice of roasted pork to me, over the fence in Kamunting if I am there one day, made me smile. So, I asked hubby, “Do they allow those ISA detainees to meet their family members?” I was wondering because a few of our notable political parties chief have been there and I do wonder how their wives and children feel when the husband/father was detained. I also noticed that I hardly hear from the wives of those five HINDRAF members who were detained. I mean, I haven’t read anything that says about their wives talking about their husbands condition there.

Hubby then told me he wasn’t sure but it seems like it is a solitary confinement. So, I tried looking for ISA on the internet. I bet many of us know how to make the joke about it but we hardly know what goes on behind those walls. And what I discovered from Wikipedia is not pleasant at all.

It is either Wikipedia misquoting things, of which I think the Government should sue Wikipedia 🙂 or ………… (I shall not quote what I think).

First 60 days

A person detained under the ISA during the first 60 days is held incommunicado, with no access to the outside world. Furthermore, lawyers and family members are not allowed access to the detainee during this initial period. If a two-year detention order is signed, the detainee is taken to the Kamunting Detention Centre to serve his or her two-year term, during which family members are allowed to visit. Otherwise, the detainee may be released.

Oh wow, this is rather sad, isn’t it? Denying them the family contact is inhumane. They are out to breakdown the person.

Further reading on Wikipedia suddenly made me feel like I am watching some horror movie like Silence of the Lambs, Schindler’s List or something like that :

Former detainees have testified to being subjected to severe physical and psychological torture that include one or more of the following: physical assault, forced nudity, sleep deprivation, round-the-clock interrogation, death threats, threats of bodily harm to family members, including threats of rape and bodily harm to their children. Also, detainees are confined in individual and acutely small cells with no light and air, in what is believed to be secret holding cells. These interrogation techniques and acts of torture are designed to humiliate and frighten detainees into revealing their weaknesses and breaking down their defences

Remember that these are information I have taken from Wikipedia. In case you have not heard of Wikipedia, it is like a giant encyclopedia online with information about everything on earth. It is managed by the users. So, like I said, either Wiki is lying and in which case, our Government should sue them or we are living in a …………………………

You can read the rest of the entry on Wikipedia because they are extremely horrifying….Read from Wikipedia on ISA. You can find a list of those people in ISA from Aliran’s website. Further reading on Aliran’s site, they urge normal citizens like us to express our opinions to the Prime Minister. Anyone game to login to that Warkah Untuk PM website and do so?

And no, you are not allowed to say anything about the ISA I mentioned above. If you want to stay in 3’x3′ cell, you go open your own blog and say what you want.

You are only allowed to talk about vegetarian siew bak. Geddit?

14 thoughts on “Do they serves fake meats like this in ISA?

  1. silverisle – Yayaya, sedap and sinful.

    wuching – Eh, can feel like the oily bak minus the heart clogging lard wor.

  2. Looks like siew bak, smells like siew bak, but it is not siew bak.

    Wonder if the skin is crispy ah? But still prefer the sinful one.

  3. There is an article written by a lawyer named Syamsuriatina Ishak in the Malaysian Bar website detailing her visit to the Kamunting ISA camp recently. It gives a real look into the kind of confinement (and mental torture) these detainees have to go through. The website is currently down and inaccessible. I will try to provide the link later.

  4. No matter how much or how close an article has been written about ISA, I personally feels that it still cannot be even close enough to the actual mental experience those detainees have to go thru.

    That’s why I really salute those who have gone thru it and yet still haven’t given up fighting for their belief especially those fighting for a greater Malaysia. These are my true heroes.

    ISA should be abolished… simply makes me sick.

  5. i wanna halal siew bak can not? wo muslim la, eat ori sie bak sure got fire in hell one….how meh?

  6. I said throw over the high wall mah. How to visit you? The moment they see me, they’ll check me in as well.

  7. terence – Then we all slice your fei yoke and roast LOL

    q – I think it is not halal in terms of the look. The thot of it is sinful enuff. LOL

    kadusmama – Yakah, I must go find already. Gian betul steak.

    activedragon – This is the first time I really read what it is being detained there, so sad for those detainees. And yes, my respect for the three of them increased a 100 notches. Actually, I viewed the Tun M’s video on his confession that Anwar wasn’t guilty but I dare not post it on my blog. It is on Youtube. In case people haven’t seen it, just google Youtube Fitnah DSAI Mahathir.

    Pablo – Prolly kena hijack and web-block?

  8. Not funny also. Laff somemore. I will only throw on alternate days instead of every day liao. Ptui!

  9. No need to throw the siew bak over the high wall. Just get a few rockets from DAP, tie the siew bak and launch it into kamunting prison. If chun, can even shoot straight into the cell.

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