We support DAP Liew Chin Tong’s calls to Gerakan to state their stand on PGCC

I live in the Bukit Bendera Constituency. In order for me to get home, I need to pass by the present Race Course which will be turned into that monstrous project call PGCC.

As it is, we are plagued with traffic jams as several schools are located around this area or along the main artery of the roads. So without doubt, we know that PGCC is an over ambitious project that will benefits only the developers and those people in office. We certainly do not need that number of high rise condos, shopping malls and office blocks.

pgcc screenshot
(Google earth screenshot with guess-timation of PGCC project and my home)

Currently, there are already enough highly populated areas in Penang like the Rifle Range/Paya Terubong/Farlim areas and we know for sure that the State Government only knows how to approve plans for building but hardly bother to think about the infrastructures like proper roads or public parks. For example, the expansion of Penang Bridge and the second link is probably 20 years too late.

Penang PGCC

(my old post on PGCC)

So, I fully support DAP Liew Chin Tong‘s call to Gerakan to state their stand on PGCC.

I will like Mr. Chia Kwang Chye to state his stand on the PGCC since it falls within the Bukit Bendera constituency. The rakyat within the Bukit Bendera deserves the right to know how you stand on this issue let alone how your party sees this project.

I am hoping for the following:


A political forum to be held within the next 5 days to determine once and for all, how the current MP stands on this subject. The forum must be moderated by a neutral party.

Determine once and for all how Gerakan stands on this project.

Let’s see how well our politicians from Gerakan handle this. Are they going to pretend and sweep this issue under the carpet and hope that none of us from Bukit Bendera constituency remembers? Not so easy, we are pissed with the amount of traffic jam we have to put up with. What more if they build all those high rise condos there?

And to those political parties who keep preaching the word ‘development’ to us, I am going to tell them STFU and take your development stories elsewhere. Development to me is the building of a nation, where we progress together as one race, i.e. Malaysians. Development is where we develop characters of our younger generations and sadly that is lacking. Our judiciary system has shown our children that it pays to be a liar and corruption is the way to go. I am not politician but I am a mom.

Development to us taxpayers simply means – work more, pay more tax, suffer more with prices increase and a compromise on our quality of life due to increases in crimes, less family time and general unhappiness.

Community reminder from 5xmom – Vote wisely. Let’s blast off with the Rocket!

I want to point out to you this phenomenal photo by TV Smith and the ceramah speech from Raja Petra which is posted by blogger Life is Beautiful.

With the current vibes, I wonder if we can start malaysia election prediction ?

4 thoughts on “We support DAP Liew Chin Tong’s calls to Gerakan to state their stand on PGCC

  1. i was in PISA education fair on saturday and was at this crappy political forum. the analyst was speaking nothing but anal and failed to answer my question yet complaint about people not going up and standing up.

    guess who organized the event?

    The Star newspaper – “the people’s paper”

    konon. ceh.

  2. Political parties like Gerakan, MIC and MCA should be wiped off from the radar this time. Let PKR, DAP and PAS do the talking for the people and we’ll see how UMNO responds.

  3. I was there at the ceramah as well. It was raining elephants, so heavy but I saw nobody moved from their place. It was a euphoric feeling watching how people listened attentively to the speakers and cheered wildly when RPK went on stage. The wind of change is blowing

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