When is SPM 2007 result?

My eldest son is waiting for his SPM 2007 result. He heard rumours that it was supposed to come out last Friday which turned out as rumours. Now, they say the SPM 2007 results will be released on 12th March, 2008.

Anyone can confirm this? I guess all the Ministers are too busy with the Malaysia 2008 election to deal with this. So, possible they release it on March 12, 2008?

Cikgu Choonie and ex-Cikgu STP, bila boleh dapat keputusan SPM 2007? Ada tips kah, Cikgus?

Updated : Yes, it’s confirmed. 😉

SPM, STAM results out March 12

PETALING JAYA: The Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) results will be released on March 12.

Education director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom said students would be able to obtain the results after 10am from their schools.

P/S : In case you wonder where is the next post, I need to reconfirm the venue with JeffOoi first.

13 thoughts on “When is SPM 2007 result?

  1. Sorry. I just check your blog and saw your question for me. If I am not wrong it will be on the 12th March. Oh yes… STP where are you? I tot you were suppose to be in Kuching on the 1st March?

  2. Oh Choonie…I didn’t manage to go. Had to disappoint my ex-student who was looking forward to seeing me again. My mum’s still in the medical centre and being retired, I’ve to be there with her every night and morning…! Don’t worry! If I should go over, will get in touch with u…and meet up. Oops…sorry, Lilian! Aiyor…SPM results coming out!!! I’d better go and hide! You know lah! If results good, children very smart…and if not good, teacher lousy!!! I taught THREE subjects – English, that darn EST and Literature (and if they don’t do well in this last one, I’ll hire some gangsters to beat up that hensem principal of urs!!! LOL!!!).

  3. I am so nervous!!!!!!!!!I am eagerly to know but I also scared that I cant accept if I cant get many A’as I like.
    Please pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. can i know.. hv any website that i can on9 to check my spm result?? cux i’m outstation now..

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