Are you afraid of the sight of blood?

If I see blood, I automatically feel my own blood drained and chills run all over my body.

And if that is your own kid, then, all the more dramatic.

So, #2 son accidentally got a nasty cut on his foot.

He called #1 and I heard it. I knew something is wrong.

True enough, #1 later called me.

“Mom….#2 needs you.”

Me : Now, what happened? Got blood?

#1 : All over the floor. (he is just pulling my legs)

Me : Like this, I am not going to see. Wait, I call papa. Unless no one else around and it is a life and death situation, don’t call me. Geli nyerrr……Where is his cut?

#1 : On his wrist (again he is teasing me)

And now, the father and son has gone to the hospital to stitch up the cut.

But if you think it is serious, it is not to those two. They took super macro shot to show me the opening but I refused. I had to view through my fingers. Like watching horror movie like that.

So, #2 was hopping on one foot. And #1 used the pulley (trolley we use to push heavy things) to bring the OKU (orang kurang upaya) down the lift to the car.

#1 : Oh, man…I don’t think you can wear shoes for a long time.

#2 : Yahoo! I can ponteng school.

Haih…..18 years of parenting and I still cannot deal with a bleeding kid. I may have given CPR to my own kid who have stopped breathing but nah, ah…the sight of blood still drains my own blood. I am good in telling parents how to deal with bleeding but I cannot stand the sight of it.

But funny wei, how come women who cannot stand the sight of blood, don’t faint every month from the sight of it?