Updated : Read this post on where RPK will be. Only on the mainland!

Updated : Check DAP blog. The venue is at Lengkok Burma. Confirm with DAP first. Telephone Enq: 012-488 0409, 04-228 5298

I have received several SMS and also emails about the ceramah. However, you are advised to re-confirm the details with DAP and PKR first. I read that the ceramah is supposed to be elsewhere. So, I repeat – DO CONFIRM DIRECTLY FROM DAP AND PKR before you go to the ceramah.

Please check JeffOoi’s blog. He said the ceramah is supposed to be held in Han Chiang but they are waiting for police permit.
Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of RPK’s ceramah speech held two days ago.

Just listen to the ceramah, don’t care about the video output. I gerenti you, it is darn interesting. There are other video clips which you can view on Youtube.