DAP ceramah

Latest update on 5th March :

DAP Ceramah is to be held in HAN CHIANG STADIUM ON MARCH 6th. Wear RED. Get your information from JeffOoi’s blog. Beware of false information.

Remember, it is Han Chiang and not PISA. As always, reconfirm your information from DAP.


Updated : 8.36 pm 4th March – RPK is not allowed to talk in Penang. He will be on the mainland only. Head over to Malaysia-Today for full details.

After stalking all the sites from DAP and PKR like hourly, I finally got these details :

Ceramah DAP Bukit Bendera, Penang
» 2 hours ago (meaning they posted around 2 pm)
March 4, 2008
8:00 pm

Venue: Lengkok Burma
(Direction: if come from town, there is a Shell petro station beside EON Bank, turn left after Shell petro station)
Speakers: Chin Tong, Jeff Ooi, Koay Teng Hai, Raja Petra, Haris Ibrahim
Enq: 012-488 0409, 04-228 5298

I have phoned DAP office at 4 pm to reconfirm and they say as far as they know this is the latest details they have.

So, guys, going? 😉 CYA! Remember to reconfirm the details.

8 thoughts on “DAP ceramah

  1. For your information, this coming Thursday 6 March in Penang PISA stadium.
    DAP and Keadilan will have another biggest ceramah, 7.45pm.
    Guan Ying and Kapal Singh will be there as well. =)

    Blog owner warns : Dexter or whatever your name, Enjoy yourself fooling people like this. Have fun. I hope you grow up one day. Think of the amount of trouble you put all those people like those poor ahpeks and ahsohs who probably travelled far and wide only to be fooled by people like you? I won’t tiu you because I know Guan Yin will deal with people like you. BTW, Guan Eng is not Guan Ying. I am leaving your comment here to show how dirty some people will go to harm these innocent peoples who merely want to follow ceramahs. Think? DAP doesn’t lose much, but those regular people who could be your father, your mother, your grandmother are the ones to made like fools.

  2. the PISA venue on th 6th March is a hoax spread by…..??? It’s HAN CHIANG Stadium again but please confirm with DAP or PKR ppl before forwarding.

  3. 9pek9bo – These people who passed fake news don’t see the amount of harm they did. Those political parties won’t lose much but those poor folks being fooled will. And bluffing innocent people is bad karma, right?

    mikeooi – Only trust the DAP website. There are lots of fake sms-es around.

    charleskey – No lor, Butterworth worrrr….Tarak orang jaga anak.

    dexter – When you go to ceramah, remember to look left, look right, I don’t want you to ‘pei lui phek’ for doing this. I am going to forward all these IPs that give me false information to the right party. Watch you back.

  4. i receive sms that got ceramah on 6th in han chiang… jsut to verify b4 i going to forward… pls verify !

  5. cbkhoon – Please get your details from DAP website because they are the only reliable source. Sometimes last minute changes etc, so best is to see their site. Don’t trust SMS because there are fake ones flying around. Emails also don’t trust.


    And to be sure, phone them. They have people manning the phone as well. I am not in anyway related to DAP or any political party hor?

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