Have you registered your babies born in 2003 for Standard One?

My son who is born in 2003 has registered for entry in Primary One in 2010.

You need to bring a photocopy of your (either one parent’s IC), photocopy of your child’s birthcert and photocopy of the utilities bill, either Telekom, TNB or water bill. Weird ruling cos my hubby’s IC already showed the address which is next to the school and yet, they want the utilities bill. Niamah.

If you live far away from the school, they normally don’t allow you to register. What I did for my three older children was to use my cousin’s utilities bill.

Now, the next question – Chinese school or Sekolah Kebangsaan?

I have both schools next to us. Chinese school here is rather good because the students have chances to go to Chung Ling. But nope, hubby still prefer St. Xavier because he said *hear this* “I don’t want my sons to grow up to be like those MCA.” Muahahar…I love that man!

Anyway, none of us know Mandarin and we are not confident to put our kids through Chinese school grinding. Our parenting style is very carefree and relaxed so we find St. Xavier (which still have shreds of good education) best for our kids. That said, we are slowly losing confidence too and thank God, it is our last child we are dealing with.

Recently, the Chinese canteen caterer no longer get to sell in the school canteen. My three older children have practically grown up with the Chinese aunties care as they get catered food. When I was working, it was a huge relief because at least I know they get decent meals from them. As you know, Chinese kids aren’t trained to eat nasi lemak and curry at 7 years old, right? Not to say I am racist but seriously, the school has more than 50% Chinese kids.

I heard some stories behind it but since my #3 son is already 12 years old (but he still complained, “Mommy…I every day eat curry until my tongue numbed already.”), I just let it pass. Wait till 2010 when I have all the time to kepoh the hell out of the school’s authority.

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  1. Mine need to register…probably will do so tomorrow or Friday. Chinese school gets my vote not because of I want her to grow up like Chew Mei Fun but because I don’t think the national schools are trustworthy liao (though I am a product of one).

    Problem now is, the school we want to send our daughter to is near to office and childcare but far from home. See what happens lah…

  2. primary school in Chinese school, then sec that time send to ang mo school. so at least know how to read and write. =D

  3. i agree with nicholas!

    i regret going to SK all my whole life, but thankfully i went to the rival school of SXI. Damn, I should have been to SXI though..

  4. Lilian,

    i also want to put my son to St Xavier leh… Which one is your preferred ? The one that near to One Stop Midlands or near the Convent Light St? Not too sure whether i can use my shop address for St.Xavier pulau mouse or not ?

  5. Standard 1-6, Chinese. Form 1-5, Tamil. At home speak and teach English, Hokkien. University, English/French/German/Italian. When qualify to work = CHAMPION. Just like me. :p

  6. SXI…Good choice Lilian. I studied in SXI primary and secondary. Those were my best years 🙂

    There is 2 primary SXI. One at Pulau Tikus and one at Lumba Kuda (La Salle) area. Both are very good school. Once they get into Form 1, they are automatically transfered to the secondary school at Farquhar Street.

    St.Xavier’s Institution – 150 years of touching hearts.
    “Labor Omnia Vincit” – Labour conquers all

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