11.10 am – My nose picked up the smell of burning. Not quite like the burning of joss-sticks or papers that my neighbour from downstairs does every 1st and 15th.

I looked out and saw hazy condition.

So, is it haze that we are getting in Penang?

Or LOL did someone just burned all the dark blue flags and posters.

FYI, I got lots of sms-es and email about some ceramah in Batu Kawan and PISA. Please reconfirm with DAP and PKR first before spreading because I read from the official site, the ceramah is supposed to be held elsewhere. Last I checked, Lim Kit Siang said they are waiting for police permit for Han Chiang stadium. Please do not spread the news unless you have confirmed. I have taken that post down and I am sorry if Google still cached it.

Again, Penangites, do you notice the haze?

And yes, children born in 2003 can register for Standard One already! Chinese school, Sekolah Kebangsaan? That’s for another post.