RPK ceramah only on the mainland

I was about to leave my home for the ceramah but I did a last minute check and found this posted on Malaysia-Today :

Police have canceled RPK’s talk on the island, please make it to the mainland if you can

Posted by kasee
Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Just received word from Haris and RPK that they are not allowed to come to Penang island (Air Putih, Rifle Range, Pulau Tikus) to participate in any of the ceramah!!!

Please pass the word around and try to make it to Bagan (Kampung Paya) or Chai Leng park playground, both starting at 8pm tonight, Tuesday 4/3/08 as RPK, Haris Ibrahim and Ronnie Liu will be there.

The BN have upped the ante.

Tell your friends about this. It is only 8.44 pm.

And yes, I am still mad that the Election Commission of Malaysia has wasted RM2.4 million on indelible ink which they have no intention to use but more just to fool us. The way I see it, it was just their tactic to stall for time and to appease the demands from BERSIH. They probably had bluffed us so that we go ahead with election thinking that it is going to be a free and fair one. Now that it is too late for any parties to do anything, they can start to call all the 128 years old and above voters to come out and vote.

I wonder if they want to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller song as their Barisan Nasional anthem?

13 thoughts on “RPK ceramah only on the mainland

  1. The more the garment acts unfair to the opponent parties, the more ppl going to vote for the underdogs. Same thing happens in Kuching.

  2. how dumb the EC and the government can be??? Honestly.

    and more importantly, why are RPK and Haris Ibrahim being denied of their fundamental rights to travel and to speak in Penang?

    I can t even move around in my own country??? What the FUck

  3. Cik Lilian, please update us on the ceramah in mainland. I would love to know why Haris and RPK not able to give their talk in Penang.

  4. I am so pissed at EC for treating us like idiots. What public order? What security reason? Use the ink on your hands, you suddenly got urge to kill people? Become terrorist?

    Oh, they are SOOOO scared of RPK and Haris? I went for RPK talk at TTDI that day. He is awesome!! Please go and listen to him.

  5. I have written abt why the SPR cancelled the use of the indelible ink, but there’s more to our nation’s problems than meets the eye.

    Come on over and only then you will know that voting for SiPM is the only way to go! 🙂

  6. bongkersz – Ya, niamah they spent RM2.4M to fool us.

    Lays – Biasa ler…trying to silent them, I guess. And Haris and RPK are not even attached to any political parties.

    tomatonic – I hope all these backfired on them. If not this GE, maybe the next GE when more younger voters know about this.

    choonie – Yalor, the more we were made like fools, the more I wish to pine for the underdogs.

  7. Oh dear… looks like things are taking a turn for the worse. Why can’t RPK or Haris speak? They are not attached to any political parties as I know. No more freedom of speech??? Jeez!

    Lillian, maybe ink was never bought leh…

  8. mumof2 – Maybe hor? But the excuses given were the biggest piece of bullshit. The language! And I just found out that Barisan Nasional doesn’t have a website of their own!

  9. Went to the ceramah at Lengkok Burma, RPK couldn’t show but Jeff Ooi did. I didn’t stay that long but when I left the crowd was at about 250 people? I had a look at the BN ceramah down the road, they had about 20 people including an idiot singing songs on stage.

  10. Tim – Wuahaha, so kohlian ah BN ceramah? Actually, I have never attended a BN ceramah before because I don’t know where they are. Cos they GOT NO WEBSITE!!! Hahaha. No wonder people looking for Barisan Nasional terjatuh into my blog.

    But then, there are a few politicians from MCA that I respect like Lee Hack Teik, Tan Cheng Liang (both kena suspended because they protested the PORR) and the other one here in Penang is Goh Kheng Sneah from Batu Uban. (he also kena before from BN). I am putting disclaimer to show that there are good MCA politicians and good Gerakan members as well.

  11. I just came back from ceramah in Pulau Tikus.

    RPK was suppose to attend and apparently, police refuse to give the permit to him. I guess they are just afraid that he will cause to much problem.

    Btw the ceramah in P.T was good.. hahaha One of the spokeperson sang a song to summarize everything about Dirty longkang, why it got stuck, why you shouldn;t vote for Teng H.Nam …

    Though dissapointed didn;t get to hear RPk. but i am sure he will be speaking again this thursday in Hang Chiang or Pisa! for sure:D

  12. It’s not about RM2million being wasted, but a sudden change of the goalposts during campaigning period. While the reasons given for the cancellation of indelible ink is logical, the real question is why hasn’t the EC researched the downside of this before announcing that indelible ink will be used ?

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