I was about to leave my home for the ceramah but I did a last minute check and found this posted on Malaysia-Today :

Police have canceled RPK’s talk on the island, please make it to the mainland if you can

Posted by kasee
Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Just received word from Haris and RPK that they are not allowed to come to Penang island (Air Putih, Rifle Range, Pulau Tikus) to participate in any of the ceramah!!!

Please pass the word around and try to make it to Bagan (Kampung Paya) or Chai Leng park playground, both starting at 8pm tonight, Tuesday 4/3/08 as RPK, Haris Ibrahim and Ronnie Liu will be there.

The BN have upped the ante.

Tell your friends about this. It is only 8.44 pm.

And yes, I am still mad that the Election Commission of Malaysia has wasted RM2.4 million on indelible ink which they have no intention to use but more just to fool us. The way I see it, it was just their tactic to stall for time and to appease the demands from BERSIH. They probably had bluffed us so that we go ahead with election thinking that it is going to be a free and fair one. Now that it is too late for any parties to do anything, they can start to call all the 128 years old and above voters to come out and vote.

I wonder if they want to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller song as their Barisan Nasional anthem?