A recollection of my 2004 Malaysia General Election

I remember a couple of things related to the last general election in Malaysia. Too bad that I haven’t started blogging yet or I could have recorded them down. The last general election in Malaysia was held on March 21st, 2004.

Both hubby and I were registered to vote in different kawasan. Both of these places were far from our current home.

So, we travelled there with our kids in tow early in the morning. I was all gungho for Barisan eventhough hubby is anti my choice. In previous GE, we are not so informed. Ok, I am one of the millions of stupid, ignorant and misled people. Happy? 😛 Hubby’s gripe was about corruptions and inefficient local council. We get all kind of amusing looking structures, potholes, smokey buses and etc to keep bitching.

We went to the polling station where I am supposed to vote. I didn’t know and I didn’t care who were the KADUN or whatever there. I mean, I am voting for Barisan Nasional. The blue dacing. Easy, right? But too bad, I was given the run around to find my polling stream. They got me walking all over the school. My hubby and the kids had to wait outside the perimeter. I got annoyed and when I finally went in, I pangkah PAS and PKR. Or was it both PAS? I don’t care anymore because I hate being treated by people with superior air around them. Anyway, my campaign manager already influenced me too much about inefficiencies and things like that I felt maybe it is better to follow his choice as he read a lot whilst I have no idea about politics at all.

Anyway, results of the election didn’t matter to me then. But I stayed up because the next day was a working day. Hubby and kids wanted me to wait and see if Pak Lah was going to announce that the next day is declared a holiday. They had gone to sleep hoping they didn’t need to wake early. So I had to sit through long, boring Malaysia general election results and that is usually one long, freaking can-die sessions that last a few hours.

Yeah, we expected from the beginning Pak Lah was the golden boy that was going to take over Tun M’s rulership (I know there is no such word but it best describe things then.) Being the regular man (woman) on the street, we expected a lot from Pak Lah. Pak Lah was a regular, smiling face around our Penang island long before he was famous and we had seen him at nasi kandar stall. Pak Lah was in contact with the company where I formerly worked and hence, Pak Lah was seen as the promising moderate Malay. Moreover, at that time, we heard that he was married to so and so and what and what have Chinese blood and etc etc etc. You know….we Chinese are awfully afraid of siew bak being wiped off our list of top ten favourite foods.

There were two things I remembered about the Malaysia general election results. One was the tension related to results of Permatang Pauh seat where Datuk Seri Wan Azizah need a recounting. The other was the memorable kiss and hug Datin Seri Endon gave to Pak Lah. And yes, I was right there listening to ‘Work with me, not for me’ promise. Unfortunately, the climax of ‘Hari esok cuti sebab Barisan Nasional menang’ never came. Nay, no holiday for election winning day.

Come this 2008 general election, things have changed a lot. As a woman, I don’t think I want to see another woman taking over Datin Seri Endon‘s kiss and hug scene. I don’t care what men feel but as a woman, I think it is rather sad to see another woman taking over the glory of another woman so soon. Hate me but that’s how I feel. I know it is none of my business but hey, it is only four years!

But secretly, I hope in the first place, there isn’t one hug and kiss scene to begin with! And aiyoyoyo, I also want to see Mr. Sammy Blue weep. Otherwise, I will need to tickle my throat and puke my stomach out if he wins and he boasts….Ammah….spare me the agony of more days of bad wigs, bad Maray and sparkling white teeth.

3 thoughts on “A recollection of my 2004 Malaysia General Election

  1. Your posts are soo funny..but for the record, it’s not a wig..it’s hair implants! (But they look worse than a wig!!;))

  2. Me too. I voted for BN to give him encouragement to manage a country post Tun M but he was one helluva, tiu niamah, ccb, bbq, celaka, talk cock TONG KOSONG.

    He implemented one thing, his boys do otherwise and he kept quiet. What a pussy!!!

    No cabinet minister dare to talk cock or tried to be funny when Tun was in power. Pak Lah’s time, its a farking CIRCUS!!!

  3. During last GE, we thot we were on the way to a brighter Malaysia…with promise of Transparency and cleaniness without realising that we were jumping from the pan onto the fire! Now all our butts are scorched!!

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