Let’s help to think what to do with RM2.4 million worth of indelible ink, will ya?

I am still pissed. And I am sure every single person feels the same. But that will bring us no where except to vote for what we hope will bring a change.

So, now, our SPR has Ringgit Malaysia 2,400,000 worth of indelible ink. And he is not going to use it because he is afraid that it will cause risk to national security. Last I heard, they said some syndicate has imported another type of ink from Thailand and this syndicate is going to fool all the folks in Kelantan that they must be painted first before going to the voting station. So, they are afraid all the pak ciks and mak ciks there mengamuk.

Sigh…let’s not get my fire up again. Let’s help our Election Commission Chairman think of ways to make good use of them.

1) Turn it into some ubat mujarab that can cure cancer, kuat tenaga batin and better than Viagra and Tongkat Ali mixed together.

2) Repackage it as the latest fashionable nail polish and sell it. Ask Michelle Yeoh to be the spokesperson. 😉

3) Mix it with KY jelly and it may help with birth control. “Abang….tengok tu, kote masih ada ink, tak cukup dua minggu lagi tu…Tunggu ya, yanggg. Sabar…..Siti masih fertile period lagi….”

4) Sell it to Chinese fake mediums so they can con those suckers that writing magic words on their body with the indelible ink will leave permanent luck on them.

5) ……………………………. (you tell me!)

BTW, I wonder how much they acquired the ink from Thailand compared to what we imported from India?

*Remember, no sensitive comments! Only humourous ones are allowed. Otherwise, I pom, pom, pom.*

31 thoughts on “Let’s help to think what to do with RM2.4 million worth of indelible ink, will ya?

  1. have the Election Commisioner use it to write the EC motto “Efficient and Transparent” over and over again until every drop is used up…

  2. I am saying it again. Get that SOB to drink the whole lot.

    They should have thought of the implications what the alleged syndicate can do in Kelantan. Another one of those ‘We are sooo clever’ ideas by BN but ended up wasting money and most of all ended up being more stupid than they are.

    The only thing BN is good at is spending money. Tax payers’ monies.

    What is pom pom pom? Pom cha cha, pom cha cha I know lah. LOL.

  3. Since they like to break all sorts of meaningless records, they might as well use the ink to draw the longest line in the world using the indelible ink! Go set a new world record and Malaysia record too! Tui!

  4. Make it compulsory that all school exams (PMR, SPM, STPM, etc) use this ink for writing. Oh yeah, charge double the price then make profit of RM2.4M for the rakyat! Yahoo…

  5. i don’t agree that they will recover the rm2.4 mill wasted on the ink. someone must have became a lot richer overnight in this deal, and even if they are going to do something with the ink… probably it will only profit the few cronies. make profit for the rakyat? like they say…dream on..

  6. I am still angry and I si beh beh tahan with Wong Chun Wai oredi after reading this piece of threat from him to non-muslim voters. He thinks we are idiots or what? That rights for non-muslims would be further eroded if we were to vote for PAS? Quite obviously he didn’t listen to RPK’s ceramah.

    I can’t think of humour now lah….so I had to rant. It’s therapeutic, yes no?

    Okaylah…use the ink to dye his hair. I know it’s a lame one but hey, I masih angry lah.

  7. Ink maybe good for

    -Tattoo art,
    -Semi permanent eye liner/brow liner,
    -Paint fake hair on bare chest of macho man to be or
    -Paint a more dense forest (down there) for the ladies ,
    -T-shirt painting/writing
    -If you are going to a long trip, leaving your spouse behind, use the ink to ensure his/her faithfullness,

    I did none of the above with indian ink,
    the last time I used indian ink was 20 years ago for calligraphy writing in school
    what else?

  8. open a tatoo shop, spray paint their bald heads, encourage the goth look, paint the govt buildings…my, the options are endless.

  9. aiyah~ perhaps they should distribute those ink ( FREE) to students so that they can paint their teachers’ face ( if any of those not-so-responsible and not-easy-goin teachers irritated those problematic students)… XD

  10. LOL, you guys are so creative, I think our country will make ten times the amount from the shipment of indelible ink.


  11. eh…if they are inedible ink, so cannot sell to the sotong baka people lor….hum…maybe another way is to use the ink to paint all the goberment buildings or the bungalows / palaces of those datuks datuks???

  12. I read in malaysiakini/thestar: the issue is about the need to have parliament modify the constitution to make it compulsory for people to have their nails marked before they can vote. But now parliament dissolved so hv to wait until after the elections. So the question now is: can the ink be used for the NEXT general elections (in 2012 or whereabouts), does it have an expiry date or something like that?

  13. Then why did not amend the constitution when they said that indelible ink will be use? They had ample time to amend the constitution. Why? Why? Why? After supposedly spend 2.4M only tell us – Sorry, cannot use! 2.4M can help a lot of poor people. And why is no one taken to task for this blunder???

  14. Aiyooo… All the good ideas taken…

    They’ll resell it back to some gahmen department twice or three times the value.. Kakakaaka.

  15. KNN!They took the trouble to amend the law in parliament juz to extend the Election Commisioner’s retirement so that he can continue to run the show but forgot to amend the law to allow the use of the ink? Hard to swallow this!

  16. We can both be concerned & suspicious on such police report that ink were smuggled in. Is this genuine or done with ulterior motive to fraud? Are our authorities falling into the trap? It took IGP about 3 weeks to inform the EC, of course only with suggestion to scrap, no solution to overcome. The AG only has the law on his side, no other suggestion. The poor bugger in EC can’t even think when suddenly confronted with such information.
    Why scrapped the usage of the ink? Wouldn’t it have presented great opportunity for the police & EC to nap the criminals and phantom voters. Why prevent someone from getting his ballot even though one of his fingers is marked, has his thumb print taken, mark another finger and let him vote. I would be damn suspicious if all his fingers are marked, maybe then they should also have his picture taken. Why shut out all the avenues to catch these perpetuators and pretended there is no fraud and our election is ‘clean’. If our authority doesn’t understand transparency, this is a clear example of it.

  17. william – RPK just posted that it is an insult to the folks because the EC thinks the people are all so stupid. You have to read what RPK call them, I dare not repeat. 😛

    9pek9bo – They thot we are so easy to fool around. I bet this thing as backfired on them. In the ceramah, one of the DAP candidate urged us to give them more majority to make room for ‘ghost votes’. Eh, see you at Han Chiang! And was it you at Gurney Red Box about a week plus?

  18. Thanks for all the inputs and food for thoughts.

    kopi – I have asked SK Thew of MageP to look deeper into this and hope he analyse it.

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