I am still pissed. And I am sure every single person feels the same. But that will bring us no where except to vote for what we hope will bring a change.

So, now, our SPR has Ringgit Malaysia 2,400,000 worth of indelible ink. And he is not going to use it because he is afraid that it will cause risk to national security. Last I heard, they said some syndicate has imported another type of ink from Thailand and this syndicate is going to fool all the folks in Kelantan that they must be painted first before going to the voting station. So, they are afraid all the pak ciks and mak ciks there mengamuk.

Sigh…let’s not get my fire up again. Let’s help our Election Commission Chairman think of ways to make good use of them.

1) Turn it into some ubat mujarab that can cure cancer, kuat tenaga batin and better than Viagra and Tongkat Ali mixed together.

2) Repackage it as the latest fashionable nail polish and sell it. Ask Michelle Yeoh to be the spokesperson. 😉

3) Mix it with KY jelly and it may help with birth control. “Abang….tengok tu, kote masih ada ink, tak cukup dua minggu lagi tu…Tunggu ya, yanggg. Sabar…..Siti masih fertile period lagi….”

4) Sell it to Chinese fake mediums so they can con those suckers that writing magic words on their body with the indelible ink will leave permanent luck on them.

5) ……………………………. (you tell me!)

BTW, I wonder how much they acquired the ink from Thailand compared to what we imported from India?

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