Jangan main-main ni. Did you hear that Pak Lah came to Penang with Siti Nurhaliza to Padang Tembak? Padang Tembak, as I mentioned the other day, is one of the earliest blocks of low cost flats in Penang.

I heard MCA Chairman, OKT and Gerakan deputy chief were in the entourage as well. I bet those folks in Padang Tembak are going to remember for the rest of their lives how on one election campaign in 2008, the diva and almighty big guns finally remember them. FINALLY they remember that there is such a place call Padang Tembak. (Lucia‘s blog said the ceramah by Pak Lah was boring)

Meanwhile, just a stone throw away, the residents of Air Putih all squatted in the darkness, on a basketball court, feeding the mosquitoes to listen to Lim Guan Eng, Liew Chin Tong and an Indian DAP candidate for N.32 Seri Delima Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer A/L Rajaji.

Rayer threw this question to us regarding the indelible ink. How could the IGP and EC tell us that inks were smuggled in when our country have the Customs at every checkpoints?

We also have two veteran DAP members amongst the speakers. The first one was Wong Kang Li (not sure how it is spelt in English). He is one funny guy full of points and so humorous. During his speech, he had to pause for a while because emotions overcame him. He told us about one Chinese New Year when he visited the home of Mrs. Lim Kit Siang and Betty Chew when both Senior Lim and Guan Eng were in ISA. He told of the awkwardness he felt as he didn’t know how to wish both Mrs. Lims. He said he respected Mrs. Lim KS the most for enduring those situations.

I get disgusted when our ex-PM, ex-CM, OKT and Siti Nurhaliza will go out of their ways for that fake apperances in Rifle Range just to bait for votes. I hope those folks there won’t be bought with the glam that comes once only in five years.

Anyway….Remember that Thursday’s ceramah is at Han Chiang Stadium. Let’s wear red and show that we want to see some changes.

ADDED : I condemn the high handedness of the Segamat OCPD for using force on seven-month pregnant woman DAP candidate. You can also view photos of it on Lim Kit Siang’s blog. The DAP candidate is from the same place as our super stud CSL – Labis. Anyway, I hope Teo Eng Ching is fine and I salute her for her dedication.

And please read the comments of the lawyers/readers expressed regarding Datuk Wong Chun Wai ‘s very skewed article, using religions to frighten us.