I attended the DAP ceramah in Air Putih and Lim Guan Eng, Liew Chin Tong and Rayer reminded Penangites that the final and the biggest DAP ceramah is at HAN CHIANG STADIUM.

Time : 8 pm

Fake emails and sms-es are floating around that it is at PISA. Do not get con. Call DAP office to reconfirm. We were told that as the date of the 12th general election gets nearer, more dirty tactics (like this diversion) will surface. Beware.

DAP Official websites :

Please be reminded that there are only two DAP Malaysia official websites (1) http://www.dapmalaysia.org (2) http://www.dap-elections.com

And if you cannot find the updates, try JeffOoi or Liew Chin Tong‘s blogs. Don’t trust or rely on other info, not even my info or my site.

Here’s a Youtube clip of the earlier ceramah in Han Chiang. See the crowds there. Bring your umbrella and something to sit because the crowd will spread to the field. I guess it is something worthwhile attending. At least, one day we can look back and remember that we were part of the crowd that changes history (or not).

I saw so many familiar faces in this video, including Helena (#2 son knows who)!

In case you wonder why RPK didn’t turn up at the ceramah in Penang the other day, read his post.

The net is so slow. I wonder if there is a conspiracy to black out the net so that we will sit down and watch RTM 1, 2 and TV3?