Jeff ooi da bomb

*This post was posted ‘live’ from Han Chiang. Read my full update on the DAP Ceramah at Han Chiang. Please note I am not related to any political party. I am only one of the thousands of people from Penang who hope to see changes for better Penang.*

Jeff ooi captured the hearts of Penang with his guitar and songs. This blogger really has done marvellous job to get the kind of response. There are thirty Thousand people here.

Updated :
At 11 pm the crowd has spilled to outside the perimeter on to the road outside. Guan Eng just announced there are estimated 60,000.

13 thoughts on “Jeff ooi da bomb

  1. I was there and I saw you and hubby. Did not get a chance to say hi, the place is ever so crowded! Ang ang boh hai lang!

  2. Lilian how are you blogging from there? 😛
    I just came back from the ceramah too. I don’t think there are 60,000 though maybe 30-40k. I laughed when Guan Eng pointed out that Pak Lah, OKT, Siti and co. could only draw a few thousand!

    I’ve also volunteered to be an agent at Pdg. Tembok school so I’ll be ready to catch ghostbusters!

  3. Tim – I blog from my Sony Ericsson P1. 😛 Jeff Ooi really surprised me because the crowd was so responsive to him. They got excited when his name was mentioned and already started telling each other, ee holiao eh, ee holiao eh. I thought they were talking about Karpal Singh cos they spoke in Mandarin and mentioned Jelutong. (Karpal used to be there) Did you stay till the end? They announced they collected RM123,000 which means those people there have put their money in and will cast their vote.

    KGC – Yeah, sooo many people, first time I am in such a big crowd.

  4. jeff the singer … jeff the blogger … jeff the politician … jeff the WINNER !!!!

  5. i was there too after my tuition,
    i didn’t hear Jeff,
    but i heard Guan Eng…
    nice and true speech he had given us,
    and many people were taking photos, videos..
    it was my first time to join such a big crowd to attend a politics ceramah…
    we want to be FIRST-CLASS MALAYSIANS

  6. Janet – Yes, Guan Eng always spot on. He was here in our Taman yesterday and he spoke with the same passion. That’s what I admired him, speaking to a small crowd at our Taman also he gave his best speech. None of those playing to the crowd type.

    digusted – Yes, Jeff is so at home.

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