Whole Penang at ceramah DAP

*This post was posted ‘live’ from Han Chiang. Read my full update on the DAP Ceramah at Han Chiang. Please note I am not related to any political party. I am only one of the thousands of people from Penang who hope to see changes for better Penang.*

8.30 pm :

Its a red sea here at Han Chiang. The whole field is full. People standing in the rain in darkness. It is not about politics but about hope of the people. Why are these ppl here? They want change. More later.

7 thoughts on “Whole Penang at ceramah DAP

  1. Wow… Glad to hear that. I just came back from the DAP ceramah and the crowd is getting bigger. Heard that policemen were around to give saman but later dare not to do so because the crowd is ‘boo’ing them. I will not miss the last ceramah tomorrow and DAP expects more than 10000 ppl there. I think it will be more.

  2. I just came back from DAP ceramah in Seri Kembangan. About 500 people there…mainly chinese. I had a tough time trying to understand mandarin and hakka but I just shouted “DAP” when the battle cry came on! 😀

    It was also drizzling softly but the crowd grew as the night went on. This time, there is solidarity amongst the ordinary citizens who want a change.

  3. Pablo: too freaking bad about that. When the hell is DAP going to listen to us that they need to stop being so Chinese-based and reach out to ALL Malaysians. We’ve been harping on them about this for years, yet the party leader still never do anything to recruit many more Malays and Indians to represent them. Chinese population will dwindle. Hopefully next election they will finally take more effective steps.

  4. I won’t make too much of fuss about it because the crowd was mainly chinese save and except for about 4 or 5 Indian guys. Over this part of the town, the people are mainly Chinese educated. I am just one of those who wasn’t and speaks Hokkien instead. LOL!

    But I do agree that DAP also needs to change itself to reach out to the other Malaysians who speak different languages.

  5. my mandarin n foochow has improved some what so i coud follow the dap ceramah too with umblrella from the rain. Pkr ceramah is deserted here in sibu. bn ceramah offers 8 course dinners n entertainment sometimes.

    dap ceramahs are fully packed with people wildly giving encouragement but every election when the crunch comes, the figures tell a different story altough most ppl swear they voted for the opposition.

    postal votes influence election results

  6. Last nite at han chiang, penang, its a wonderful just being there, its so moving, i tell you. Pssst ….. i shed a couple of tears when they played the 2008 Just Change campaign song. And Jeff OOi, he plays the guitar better than me ….. I am jealous, but he has both my votes !!

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