Bloggers! Let’s help to counter the media blackout and show the power of bloggers and the internet!

Updated with video :

I just picked this up from DAP’s website :

Announcement : Guan Eng to address all Malaysians

Guan Eng video address to the nation will be released around 5pm today (GMT+8).

Due to expected media blackout under the caretaker Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, Lim Guan Eng will use the Internet via to address all Malaysians.

We understand the limited reach of Internet, but we believe Malaysians who wants change in this homeland of ours will propagate the video message through 3gp video, VCD, community getting together and view together, and last but not least, by word of mouth, from friends to neighbors to relatives and to acquaintances

The message of hope for Malaysia cannot be stopped by any draconian and supressive laws and policy.
The people of Malaysia will prevail! HIDUP MALAYSIA!

Let’s tell the media we have enough of their one-sided propaganda.

Meanwhile, Penang folks, you may be interested to catch Anwar tonight at the following locations :

Anwar Ibrahim ceramah in Penang on Friday night, 7th March. Please reconfirm details from Anwar Ibrahim’s blog.

6) PAR/DUN : N24 Kebun Bunga, P48 Bukit Bendera
Acara : Ceramah
Masa : 8:00pm – 8.30pm
Lokasi : Jalan Mount Erskine, Fettes Park (Mount Erskine Market)
Hubungi : Beh 012-5664400

7) PAR/DUN : N37 Batu Maung, P52 Bayan Baru
Acara : Ceramah Perdana
Masa : 9:15pm – 9.45pm
Lokasi : Bilik Gerakkan PAS Pagar Buluh,
Sungai Ara (Berdekatan Sek Ren Sg Ara)
Hubungi : Azrizal 012-4984556

Of if you prefer, you can watch Pak Lak tokking at home ‘cos Pak Lah is giving a national address on TV.

See? I am fair wut, got DAP, PKR and Barisan Nasional coverage.

7 thoughts on “Bloggers! Let’s help to counter the media blackout and show the power of bloggers and the internet!

  1. why pak la la la la can go on national tv and lim guan eng have to resort to youtube??

    oh.. i know… DAP is more international than BN… yay!

  2. Terence – Then you go early morning and vote together with Sharizat or Chew Mei Fun or wherever your are voting lor. Remember to leave a bit of your red underwear to show them hor?

    pablo – I got a VCD liao wan…Hehehe. Cos those who donated get a VCD here in Penang.

    arron – Who has time to watch Pak Lah talk hor? I will be chasing Anwar. Hahaha, election fever.

  3. will no longer get any Star newspaper since its politically owned.

    will forever now refer to for greater local news =)

    eh we should start something online. like a platform of news, inspired by “journalist without boundaries”!!

  4. at 5 pm today, my internet connection went down ( or was downed? ) and I only just got back on…. how ‘appropriate’ that every other internet provider today is having sporadic problems…

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