DAP Ceramah that rocks Penang – Crowd estimated between 30K to 50K

You can feel the excitement in the air when the whole neighbourhood start going out at the same time. We took the bike there and many people were walking towards Han Chiang (which is within walking distance from my house as well).

I felt a sense of togetherness when I see people wearing red shirts! It is not often that we come together as a community in this way. What more, it is all voluntary and not bind by any faith or any association uniform. We wear a red shirt because we want to. That’s what make it so heart-warming.

(can you see the distance between the sea of people and the stage? This is only half of the field)

The moment we got on our bike, it started to drizzle and that got me very worried because I took my DSLR along and that baby costs me RM5K there. I cannot afford rain water! But thank God the rain stop after about 15 minutes. I heard many elderly folks said that it is a blessing from heaven.

However, inspite of the rain, people just keep walking towards the venue, ignoring the rain. There are no proper place to sit, it is just one big muddy field but no one cares! It is unbelievable that the fussy folks can just stand, sit or squat in the darkness to do something they believe in. It has to be something big that compelled them to actually put aside all the discomforts, their busyness, their dry and cosy home, watching Astro or shopping in the aircond supermarket. Otherwise, why would all these people bother go out of their way, braving traffic jam, wet field, rain?

I was so in awe that I forget about my main purpose of going. My main purpose was to take photos but I forget all about it because it is the first time I got the chance to hear the ceramah from all the other DAP candidates. Each of them have their own angle of reaching out to us. PKR Datuk Zahrain (name?) was there representing Datuk Seri Wan Azizah (because we heard Datuk Hishamuddin is in Permatang Pauh) and he blended in so well with the crowds who are mostly Chinese.

Chong Eng called for women’s voices and she got an overwhelming response. Lim Guan Eng was funny as usual as he told us about the names that Lim Keng Yaik, Ong Ka Ting and Koh Tsu Koon said about him in the previous night. Many of the other candidates have their own way of getting the crowd to response to them.

But our blogger, Jeff Ooi earned my respect. I have not been to any of his ceramahs in these last 10 days. I had been wondering how Jeff is going to blend into Jelutong which are mostly the lower income people. In fact, as one blogger to another, I do feel worried how is he going to communicate with them. Previously, Karpal Singh was known as the Tiger of Jelutong and it is not easy to live up to Karpal Singh’s charisma and aura.

But our dear Jeff Ooi which every bloggers know, rocks them! The announcement was made in Mandarin and Hokkien (the more articulate one which I have difficulty understanding) and people were already excited about it. The women around me told each other excitedly, “wah, ee holiao lor”. I was expecting some veteran guy or even Karpal Singh. It turns out they are talking about Jeff Ooi!

When it was Jeff, I suddenly feel proud that we have a blogger there. The mention of the blogger make me feel like shouting, “I am a blogger too!” He has lost his voice but he belted out three songs with his guitar. Fuyoh, I didn’t know that Jeff can sing so well! The crowd sang along with him too. I got the video of the whole session and hope to upload it when my line is ok.

Right now, I am blogging with my Celcom line because for some strange reason the Streamyx line at home is dead. (conspiracy?) I cannot upload much photos. Anyway, I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was mesmerized by the talks.

Now that I see this huge crowd, I get more fidgety. Do I see a streak of light? Am I going to be part of the people who are going to rejoice come 8th March? Or will I be with them, feeling disappointed that all the talks, the fireworks (yes, there are fireworks too), the RM123K collected tonight are not enough to help us realized that dream of seeing a change?

When Guan Eng was talking, I suddenly felt the need to pray. And I prayed to the Heavenly Father to look down on all of us here. Only God knows how each of them think and feel, what hope and wishes are in their minds. I am afraid that I have a life I considered fulfilled and I have no particular needs to ask. I am a satisfied person. But if God knows why these people are there, why they need to be there, then let there be change for the better.

When I see Karpal Singh in his wheelchair and his two arms all weak, too weak to even position the mike, I pray that this man will finally see victory for all the years he had given to his belief. I don’t know what drove him to do what he had done for all those people, getting into ISA for them and etc. But there must be something magnanimous in them, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, Anwar Ibrahim and all those opposition parties people. They are losers in the political game most of the time but they keep going on and on and on. But they are winners in God’s eyes, I can see it.

So, Lord, gives us wisdom to make the right choice.

Please go to this Malaysian Insider and take a look at the crowd. Speechless, I tell you. Another photo that says a million words is from TV Smith’s My Ceramah is bigger than your ceramah. Malaysiakini full report here.

P/S : I must have missed reading about the EC chairman’s house being inked. LOL, go see the photo on Malaysiakini. Don’t miss the lame excuse he made when questioned by Malaysiakini.

60 thoughts on “DAP Ceramah that rocks Penang – Crowd estimated between 30K to 50K

  1. Yes, it takes drive and determination to keep going despite multip[le hurdles. It’s a challenge, and without challenge, there wont be change. God bless them all.

  2. I was at the ceramah as well! But since my family and I arrived at around 9:30pm we missed seeing Jeff Ooi on stage. 🙁 I enjoyed Lim Guan Eng’s speech as well as well as the PKR representative. The ceramah ended at around 12:15am, and I think Batu Kawan’s Ramasamy didn’t get a chance to speak, is it?

  3. andy – Yeah, I guess they have the permit to complete before midnight as I believe there is a law on noise pollution or something. So, after LKS finished and that huge firework completed, we pun cabut cos really tired wor, standing for four hours! LOL. You didn’t miss the boos to the police, did you? LOL

    samm – Tai lok lor, I got no internet! Only this CCB celcom and got pp to submit before tomorrow morning. Don’t miss me hor.

    azhan – Jom esok ikut Anwar pulak. Kat Mount Erskine and Sungai Ara. Check PKR site for the time. I pasti sampai.

    gangitus – The people’s power amazed me. Let’s hope things turn out positive for us.

  4. Thank you Lilian for your posting, i was searching hi and lo for some photos and report of this mammoth event as I am overseas and can only rely on blogs like yours to keep informed, I have given up on the mainstream news sites!! Looks like the subconscious minds of all Penang has awaken to a calling! THere is a voice to listen and and a need to hear, as the people have been so blinded in the past. I would like to say to my brothers and sisters in Malaysia of ALL races, especially the young, to unite on Saturday and get rid of hypocrisy, bigotry and corruption once and for all. The future is in your hands…bravo.

  5. The photo in the Malaysian Insider is inspirational! No pressure, but I hope you can post more photos of the mammoth ceramah!

  6. wow n another WOW!!!!! i am a penangite but currently not in the country. i have been following all the news from the net n guess what! this site is one that i am following closely for penang news! thanks lilian, for the update. n i am indeed moved to tears with wat u wrote! about asking for blessing from up above, n how karpal’s perseverance in what he believes in, inspite of his handicap.
    karpal singh, lim kit siang n those veteran DAP leaders are the real malaysian heroes! if they had given up on us when they were not doing well in the political arena; we will definately have no avenue for respite from those arrogant bn goons!!!
    lets pray that People’s Power be heard n translate into voices or votes!!

  7. This, the Bersih and Hindraf rallies and other turnouts in non-BN parties’ ceramahs will hopefully tilt the people’s support to non-BN parties. Let’s all vote for a brighter future of this country and for Penangites, show them that even with a non-BN government, you can still prosper and move forward towards an era of justice, equality and accountability!

  8. I hope you guys dont dissapoint us just like you did during reformasi days. We malays were ready to change then but unfortunately not you guys….

  9. AWESOME ! AWESOME ! AWESOME ! it is the BIGGEST , and multiracial concert in MALAYSIA .. combo of ceramah, humours, music and fireworks. What can we ask for more? Make sure we cast our votes. It was a great feeling, feeling of excitement, feeling of togetherness, feeling of happiness. I have a SMILE on my face since 8pm last night, I am still having a smile on my face till this morning.

    There is going to be a MEGA PJR Ceramah at Sungai Ara (should be at Sungai Ara School).


  10. lilian, you must have blog this immediately after you return home? i returned home near 1.00am and after all the mandi-mandi, this that, when i was at the computer i was too tired and sleepy to blog on it. i guess i did not missed much when i went back before kit siang’s speech ended, right? although i said i wanted to go back already when i met you but i still hang around 10 mins or so when we (my MAFREL friend and i) found a seat. i think just as we reach the car-park, i heard kit siang’s speech ended.

    this was a fantastic ceramah! so responsive crowd, cheering and clapping and shouting, whistling! very unlike the BN ceramah of course.

    i do hope all these people who turned up will really vote for DAP (or any opposition).

  11. This is my third round voting and my first time attending political ceramahs. Previously, it had never even occur to me to want to attend such talks because to me, politics is simply a bunch of nonsense. However, this round, I begin to perceive things differently. The moment the Parliament was dissolved, I was already beginning to feel this ‘election fever’. Before you know it, I was already attending these ‘ceramahs’ – the first one somewhere nearby Kuan Im Teng (Penang).

    I was there both the first and second grand ceramah at Han Chiang School. I was elated to see the magnificient turnouts. It finally showed that Penangites are not an ignorant bunch, one that can be pushed around. When it comes to politics and our future, Guan Eng was right to say, ‘Don’t play play ah…!’

    The fact that people braved the rain, wore red, and donated generously, all showed only one thing – we, Penangites, mean serious business and the powers that be had better listen to us!

    Let us now cross our fingers and pray hard that not only the best man will win, but the best party will win and that the people of Penang will win! May God help us all..

  12. I saw you record the voice of the crowd when they were asked to shout. Post it out and let other hear how the crowd response to the speaker.
    Jeff Ooi is great…I heard his ceramah on the 2nd March…thumbs up for him.
    Just change it for Penang!

  13. As I watch another BN sponsored vehicle drive by my home I am more determined to vote against that bunch of criminals. Thank you for your feckless campaign (my all time favourite Barisan Niamah billboard : vote for a stronger police presence ..wtf??? ) it has furthered steeped a deeper loathing for you and I hope we will all stand together and show these pirates the 50 year plunder ends 8 March 2008.

  14. Last night was explosive…everybody is at its peak.

    I would really like to thanks Han Chiang for the venue. Thanks Han Chiang for contributing to the course and for a better future.

  15. Ini adalah keadaan yang sama pada tahun 1995 dimana DAP yg sebelum itu menang 14 kerusi DUN kalah hingga tinggal 1 kerusi DUN Batu Lanchang.

    Adakah keadaan yang serupa akan berulang? Telah 3 penggal saya bersama mereka (DAP)dalam menolong mereka membuat persiapan pilihanraya namun setiap gerak hati org Tionghua amat sukar dibaca terutama kepada siapa yang mereka akan memberi undi akan mereka “simpan” dalam hati mereka ketat2.

    A lot of crowd tak bermakna a lot of vote…..setiap kali calon DAP kalah, penolong seperti kami akan sedih dan kecewa kerana kami faham apa yang kami buat adalah untuk pertahankan untuk generasi dimasa hadapan untuk semua bangsa Mesia keseluruhannya.

    Kalah atau menang…kami akan teruskan perjuangan…kerana ini bukan kali pertama kami kalah.

    Kerana apa yang kami berikan bantuan utk calon bertanding adalah kerelaan hati tak mengharapkan bantuan.Kerana Prinsip.

  16. I’m in Pandamaran, Klang….seems like the DAP rout is going on everywhere!The people are coming out full force and many cars are flying the rocket flag!

    Viva democracy….let’s hope we will sing on Sunday!

  17. HI Lilian, my family are closely watching aLL the opposition aka DAp in action. I would like to see more of Jeff ooi in action. Please do me a favour by uploading the video of him the soonest. i understand ur tiring AND ur spirit of being with the DAP. Keep it up! DAP!

  18. This post really touched my heart. Had to hold back my tears. I was there in Hin Hua School in Klang when DAP was giving ceramah. The crowd was amazing. People kept coming in despite raining. Flags of all oppositions seems flying around.

    When Lim Kit Siang arrived at 11pm, the crowd kept coming in and everyone was cheering for him.

    People generously parted their hard earned money to contribute to their campaign fund. Heard they managed to raised more than 30k that night.

    This is the moment for us, rakyat, to stand together and send BN a strong message that ‘enough is enough’.

  19. oh i was there too and i just couldnt believe the large turn out!! it was incredible…the energy the people…everything!
    there were ppl who couldnt get into the field anymore so they double triple parked along the mainroad and just stood outside the fence!
    i just cant wait to go cast my vote!

  20. Lawrence & my cousin went there too yesterday. They got to park their car so far to walk to Han Chiang. Off course, they were in Red too. The nite before they also went to Island Glades for the ceramah. Karpal is there. Tonite Anwar and Jason Ong at Mount Eskine. Me can’t go……….. coz Delwin sudah tidur and I got to take care of him. 🙁

    You got a good post here!!!!

  21. My Streamyx died too. Damn TL. Before I left for work this morning it is still dead.

  22. I was there too! The rain won’t stop us and so does the dirty trick played by BN!

    p/s : Your line was crappy also? Mine too since last night till noon today!

  23. Is amazing…any idea what color to wear for DAP supporter on election day…Rocket GO! GO! GO!

  24. I was there too! Since i got off from work quite late so i even skipped my dinner to go there early to book a good seat in front of the field 🙂

    The crowd is amazing ! I wore red and even used a red umbrealla (A gift from HSBC bank) to fight the rain

    Let’s let the BN hears the people voice tomorrow !

  25. Am so touched with the prayers and Thank you so much for the updates. Though I missed the whole ceramah, but deep down in my heart… there’s only one voice which I really hope and pray that GOD will hear us and these leaders that has never given up on us.
    Penangites, show your courage and make a change !

  26. Don’t let fear cloud our judgment, and let’s not be fearful anymore what others will do unto us or punish us … for it is written in the Bible:

    1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

    The only thing we have to be fearful of is the fear of God. Love God, love each other, love Malaysia…and vote wise! Vote the Opposition.

  27. Pray God that the results of the poll finally reflect all that everyone of us here cherish now…. Courage, Wisdom And Determination For A Better Tomorrow and A Fresh Beacon Of Light That Shines Brightly Thru All The Darkness & Filth That Is Now !!!!

  28. Dear Lilian,
    I am so proud of your post! Something that was not reported in our daily newspapers that comes to our doorstep in the morning. Thank you to internet!

    Similar thing happened here in SS2 “Chow Yang” Petaling Jaya. Victor GU was ceramah-ing at the roadside and did not even captured much audience! As on the the otherside, Tony Phua group was giving their ceramah at the park. The park was full of people. Clapping! Cheering! Clapping! I was so proud standing with them! The proudness in me draws out my inner tears of joy. I felt so chinese as a chinese.

    We will have to VOTE and we will have to pray to GOD that the faith of our future generation will be protected!

  29. I have voted for the opposition for a long time as I knew back then that BN is the main opposiotion to a better Malaysia. I have not stopped for over 25 years day in and out getting Malaysians to listen to me so much so I thought they were brainless. Finally they have woke up. Please vote for a better Malaysia vote opposition

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