The mainstream media has totally blacked out the turn out last night. They failed to see that it is not about the political parties alone. It is that crowd that they choose to ignore. They refuse to acknowledge us. We are the ones who bought the newspapers from them. We are the one who gives them money. We are the ones whom the advertisers are trying to reach.

Don’t you feel insulted, Penangites? That The Star has purposely left us out in the cold? We don’t expect them to sing praises for DAP but at least, they should give us the 30,000 people some respect that we have come together as a community. Tell our fellow Malaysians that we Penangites can gather in crowds of 30,000 or maybe more together peacefully, jovially and friendly. We were not even there to protest or anything. We were there just to listen.

At the ceramah yesterday, Lim Guan Eng suggested to us to wear red colour shirts to the poll and put a smile on our face. I am going to do that. What about you? It is not what Guan Eng asked me. It is what our Government and our media has irked me. I do it because I am pissed. I am pissed because we are all treated like morons. I am pissed because MCA leader is treated like Jesus the Saviour in those Astro ads. Ptui!!! Spare me the ‘I am in trouble and then, Ong Ka Ting comes along….’.

Finally, the video of JeffOoi asking us to wear red too! And he sang Mari Mengundi.

There is another video on this site with Teresa Teng’s song that is so often sung by Siti Nurhaliza as well. But you got to see how the crowd responded to JeffOoi.

Part Two
– please don’t leave any comments about part two. It is here for a reason. 😉

On the other hand, do you know that Khairy Jamaluddin has just launched a website today? Laman web Khairy ada di rembau dot net dot my.

But I need to tell KJ’s webmaster something. We are a poor nation. Our broadband is still not fast enough to support your video streaming. It cause lagging. And your email is printed wrongly in The Star. LMAO. It takes my blog buddy OrganicSamm to tell them. Tomorrow is election day. Today is a bit too late to reach out to the netizens. Plus that video that never stop talking sucks. My blog buddy, lawyer Pablo pointed Khairy tipu kita pasal harga minyak Petronas.

And please thank me that I have helped you to broadcast the link on four of my blogs. 😉 If you wish to hire me for SEO matters, I am an expert in Googlewashing. But I need at least a few millions USD to Googlewash that long, long lists of old posts about KJ.

REMEMBER – Tell your friends to wear Red to the poll if they are pissed too. Show them we are not happy being treated like morons with all the one-sided propagandas. And Penangites, we have been ignored. Wear red and shake them.