So, hubby went to help his friend manning the DAP booth because they only have 2 ladies there to check the electoral roll manually and one man to foresee the rest. There are elderly people who needs help to get down from vehicles, shown to the voting booth (because there are two polling stations side-by-side) and even old aunties looking for toilet needs to be accompanied etc.


The most humbling experience I had was this lady. She is very old, very frail and she came from far to vote. She came by bus and after walking around to look for her polling station, they told her she had been transferred to town area. DAP has very few cars and they can’t go down to town. So, they hunt around for someone to drop the feisty old lady because she wanted to take a bus there. All the DAP cars are voluntary services but I heard Barisan’s cars owners get paid. Finally, we managed to get her to go down town to vote. She was still cussing why she need to change polling station. Now I know for sure those claims that people were moved around are true.

I am not sure what’s with all these old ladies but they really go out of their way to vote. And they are diehard fans of DAP. I am not sure why too. Several out of town people also came to the DAP booth to find their electoral roll and they said they purposely come back to Penang to vote.

As for the Indians, they have this support for DAP that bowled you over. They wear red. They refused to stop at the Barisan Nasional MIC booth. Oh did I tell you there are actually three Barisan Nasional booths? MIC, UMNO and MCA! They purposely walk a distance just to get to the DAP booth to check their stream. And I greeted them with a MAKKAL SAKTHI! which sealed the votes.

The candidate for the Adun Air Putih came by to check that everyone is fine. I pun tumpang glamour and told him, “The whole Malaysian internet world is behind you! We are with you.”


So, I really hope JeffOoi and Lim Guan Eng along with more DAP/PKR and PAS candidates will win their Parliamentary seats. Lim Guan Eng is a candidate for the Bagan Parliamentary seat and DUN seat in my area. Imagine our Parliament with two of them fighting in the weeks to come. Muahaharr…

And here’s the kepoh 5xmom tumpang duduk. If I look fat, it is because there is another lady in red behind me, ok? Hahaha. I took my laptop there to access the SPR site using my Celcom wifi. Didn’t need to use it much but still, at least I got bloggable materials sitting under the tree. And I can tell BN’s booth, my computer is pinkier than yours. Hahaha.


Overall, it has been a fun activity for me as a blogger because I get to actually hear and see the sentiments of the voters. They are very vocal. A Malay policeman came on bike and told us, “Kita kasi roket naik!” I asked him, “Wuah…bukan semua polis kena pangkah biru punya?” He said, “Tarak lah….and showed his face.” Another Malay man chatted with hubby that he too has enough. “Kita orang susah mana UMNO ada tolong?” And the funny thing is those Barisan Nasional voluntary drivers passed by and gives us the thumbs up. LOL, they are taking BN’s money to drive the car but their heart is somewhere else.

I must make a disclaimer that I am not attached or related to DAP. I am making my observation as a voter and a blogger. And red colour suits me so I tumpang duduk at the DAP booth to listen to DAP supporters talking about the CM of Penang, how Lim Kit Siang lost his seat with a majority of 140 votes (or is it 104?). I got to know how counting is done and many other dirty stuffs not mentionable here.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMY VELLU. I worry for you lah! I cannot describe how Indians have totally lost faith in BN because of you. If the Opposition wins big, it is all your fault, Samy. Read this article from Malaysiakini that further sealed Mr. Blue’s fate.

Damn, I am so excited about the Malaysia election results. You bet that I will be glued to the TV for updates and have the laptop on my lap to write as they are announce.