Penangites! We are the winners!

The results from DAP is available here.

The below mentioned are obtained from Malaysiakini and is NOT confirmed by the EC yet.

Updated from Malaysiakini at 8.57 pm:

Confirmed: Opposition takes Penang – 8.52pm
Unofficially, the opposition will form the state government in Penang for second time in history. The DAP-PKR-PAS combination has collectively won at least 21 seats out of the 40 seats.

I am so happy so I have to put this post.

You can find the latest Malaysian election result from Malaysiakini. Penangites! We are the winners!

I am going out to the main counting centre to celebrate with the others. But here is what is reported by Malaysiakini :

DAP closer to taking Penang – 8.05pm
Having unofficially won 17 of the 40 state seats in Penang, DAP is currently leading in six other seats with a wide margin. The party needs to pick up another four seats to take over government in the island state.

Blogger Jeff Ooi is winning too! He came, he conquered and he is going to Parliament. Bloggers Boleh!

Blogger Jeff Ooi has big lead in Jelutong – 8.05pm
DAP’s Jeff Ooi is leading in the Jelutong parliamentary seat and the party is also leading in all three state seats in Jelutong – Datuk Keramat, Sungai Pinang and Batu Lanchang.

Penangites, this is our winning! We won!

OK, OK, actually I am quite relieved that my past few days post about DAP and PKR bear fruit. If not, I pun tak tau mana mau lari ‘cos I dissed and ranted so much.


Note : I watch the news on TV1 and all I saw are results from Sarawak that BN is leading all the way. And though they interviewed some EC officer here and he said he got 50% of the confirmed results, there is not a word on the results reflected by Malaysiakini. If we watch the TV, we will be in the dark.

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  1. True, in Sarawak, only confirmed in Bandar Kuching. Latest news is Sarikei DAP also lost by mere 51 votes. All because of 3 independants of whom 2 were ex-DAP members. Ding Kwong Hiing (BN) 10588, Wong Hua Seh (DAP) 10537, 3 (IND) total of 766. Moral lesson: Be united.

  2. it is official :t TTwangsa lost to Dr Lo Lo PAS, a new comer . All along the TTwangsa a Strong BN stronghold.

    So i think the profile of voting pattern is changing.
    BN has need to have a deep and honest relook…


    The rakyat is THE BOSS. Always remember that!!!

  4. Folks, please do not leave any unconfirmed reports, any IGP warning or such matters. If you are happy,please say happy but please watch your language. Emotions may run high so it is for our benefits to just being happy and keep smiling.

    Hoi, Terence, lu sama jaga ha.

  5. Steeky: Jeff Ooi? 😀 Can have instead of liao? Free Internet access all over Penang using WiMax? :DD

  6. Man, that Honey (that *is* her name, ahahaha) on NTV7 is KICKING ASS!!!! She just dissed Shahrizat and Samy. Women everywhere should be rejoicing! She’s running circles around that Dr. Rizal guy next to her.

  7. Dr Koh is smart dude… Malaysians living in Penang should find a way to keep him doing good works for us people. Political climate will definitely change. With changes taking place new possibilities appear on the horizon.

  8. Thanks Guys for the info… !!! Hey… to dear Lilian and the Whole Great Bunch of you Grrreat people here… !!! What A Nite !!! Truly Thanks !!!

  9. i cant help but give my same comments here too..

    Alleluia,.. the change tsunami is sweeping the country.
    Penang has a new government. Dare we hope for more upsets..
    Hats off to all Malaysians for votting for this change.
    Thank you Lord for hearing the voices of your people..

    We pray that the new Penang government will lead the way to show the arrogant BN government how the state should be governed, and what is the meaning of accountability. We pray the DAP/PKR/PAS government will always listen to the people and govern with dignity and responsibility.

    Samy velu is gone, kaveas is gone, sharizat is gone too!!
    all the Ling and Lim sons also blown away

    ALL citizens should pause a moment and thank God/Allah for this blessing..

  10. congrats Lilian. so happy for the Penangites! although I’m all the way from Kch. Our DAP Chong Chieng Jen won, I’m so happy also. but Sarawak loses all except Kch. I hope Kuching/sarawak can rule over the government like Penang! because our CM is unforgivable.

  11. Oh crap. Now I’m worries the North states seems to be dominated by PAS. Hope they are moderate and can unite Malaysia and not force Islam down everyone’s throats.

  12. Confirmed results are coming in slowly over the news and it seems most likely BN would lose Penang. Koh Tsu Koon would be giving a press conference soon, which should also mean that Penang is probably lost. Who’s the next CM then? That’s the big question.

    On other unconfirmed news, Kedah has fallen to opposition.

  13. NTV7 is good lah. Really pertinent issues. And the pro-BN Dr. Rizal from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia is being slapped left and right by Honey. Go Honey, go Honey, go Honey!

    She looks she’s like Lilian’s sister. Ahahahahaha.

  14. Streamyx is blocking access to It’s all showing . VPN to company network and use your company servers!

  15. Malaysiakini has not been blocked. Its server is probably overloaded. I am in Brisbane and I cannot access it too.

  16. I agree with Honey fully. her comments, views, observations are spot on – intellectual, matured, refreshing, sensible, reasonable and augurs well for this tsunami change..
    Dr Rizal is as best as he can be…
    lets be tolerant.. and LISTEN to all views!!

  17. I agree with Honey fully. her comments, views, observations are spot on – intellectual, matured, refreshing, sensible, reasonable and augurs well for this tsunami change..
    Dr Rizal is as best as he can be…
    lets be tolerant.. and LISTEN to all views!!

  18. Dan: If Barisan Nasional DID (TOUCHWOOD) fall to the hands of opposition in its entirety, then Islam would definitely be forced upon everyone.

    But you can’t force the willing, can you?

    After all, “the boss” made the decision.

  19. Hello Pro-BN Carmen: Don’t worry, your BN will not lose the simple majority. As it is, BN is forcing Islam down everyone’s throats with the declaration that Malaysia is a Islamic state vs. a secular state as guaranteed by the Constittuion. Also, there is rampant, unnecessary Islamization of national schools, body-snatchings, overzealous raids by Jawi perverts.

  20. I don’t see you being an Islam right now, do I? And I don’t see what’s the problem with the Islam religion either.

    It’s the extremists that I have an issue with.

  21. Carmen: Then we agree. I never said I have a problem with Islam, it is a noble religion that teaches tolerance and we have existed in harmony for many decades now. Until the BN tried to out-Islam PAS to stoke up religious paranoia. There are Muslim extremists in both UMNO and PAS. So, what’s your beef, exactly, “boss”? You’re the only one here who seems to be sour-faced. UMNO cybertrooper?

  22. Can we leave out speculations on Islamic state and who’s the next CM to some other day? Let us not bring this debate at this thread / post.

  23. The word seems more of a propaganda to me than anything.

    But let’s not waste each other’s time here.

    I’m through.

  24. I’m following the election news from the UK. I was greeted with this piece of good news as soon as i was up frm bed. I am extremely excited with the GE results! The change has come to my beloved Penang!

  25. Y malaysiakini only list some parliamentary seats???
    Wer is the other parlimentary seats?
    Anyone can gife me the website?

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