Penangites! We are the winners!

The results from DAP is available here.

The below mentioned are obtained from Malaysiakini and is NOT confirmed by the EC yet.

Updated from Malaysiakini at 8.57 pm:

Confirmed: Opposition takes Penang – 8.52pm
Unofficially, the opposition will form the state government in Penang for second time in history. The DAP-PKR-PAS combination has collectively won at least 21 seats out of the 40 seats.

I am so happy so I have to put this post.

You can find the latest Malaysian election result from Malaysiakini. Penangites! We are the winners!

I am going out to the main counting centre to celebrate with the others. But here is what is reported by Malaysiakini :

DAP closer to taking Penang – 8.05pm
Having unofficially won 17 of the 40 state seats in Penang, DAP is currently leading in six other seats with a wide margin. The party needs to pick up another four seats to take over government in the island state.

Blogger Jeff Ooi is winning too! He came, he conquered and he is going to Parliament. Bloggers Boleh!

Blogger Jeff Ooi has big lead in Jelutong – 8.05pm
DAP’s Jeff Ooi is leading in the Jelutong parliamentary seat and the party is also leading in all three state seats in Jelutong – Datuk Keramat, Sungai Pinang and Batu Lanchang.

Penangites, this is our winning! We won!

OK, OK, actually I am quite relieved that my past few days post about DAP and PKR bear fruit. If not, I pun tak tau mana mau lari ‘cos I dissed and ranted so much.


Note : I watch the news on TV1 and all I saw are results from Sarawak that BN is leading all the way. And though they interviewed some EC officer here and he said he got 50% of the confirmed results, there is not a word on the results reflected by Malaysiakini. If we watch the TV, we will be in the dark.

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  1. It is believed that DAP has named party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng as the next chief minister of Penang. DAP won all 19 state seats it contested in Penang with PKR winning six and Pas two. There are 40 state seats in Penang.
    courtesy of Malaysiakini

  2. (removed by terence) rubbish! Suddenly apear 14 more ballot boxes in Lembah Pantai. It already shown that (removed) started to cheat…

  3. Khairy won by about 5k seats. Chegu Bard garnered 20k seats but could not beat Khairy. Hishamuddin won by 11k. Kayveas is out. Selangor state BN take a huge beating. New faces to see in our Parliament include Sivarasa (Subang), Gobind Singh (Puchong) and the return of Wee Choo Keong (Wangsa Maju). FT BN lost badly except for Zulhasnan (Setiawangsa) and Tengku Adnan (Putrajaya). DAP won 11 state seats in Selangor as of now and 8 in Negeri Sembilan.

  4. Selangor, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah have fallen. Next on the list is Perak – with 6 more seats to go before it falls into opposition’s hands. 20+ seats are still unannounced.

  5. If sumthing really happens… We also can’t prevent it right? So just take it calm, dont care bout it.

  6. How did that budak nakal win in Rembau?

    Born in Kuwait, did his schooling in Singapore,then went on to Oxford – all of the sudden he’s a legit Rembau kampung boy/mat rempit who will be sitting in Parliament when it’s called to session.

  7. Gary: There were rumours (and just rumours) that BN printed 2,000 BERSIH T-shirts for themselves.

  8. Phew Nurrul Izzah still won in Lembah Pantai…
    (sentence removed by Terence)
    Thank God.

  9. pablopabla : sorry sorry..and sorry to sister lilian! I’m not in Penang now as I’m studying in KL. Wanna go back Penang celebrate. Lol!



  11. Congratulations to Yang Berhormat Lim Guan Eng – new CM of Penang. DAP will form state govt with PKR and hopes that PAS will help.

    PAS and PKR won 40 out of 45 state seats in Kelantan. Last elections, it was just 23.

    Everyone is waiting for outcome of Perak’s state seats results.

    BN has not yet won simple majority as yet.

  12. Opposition will take Perak if current trend continues. This result, I daresay, is the worse defeat BN has suffered. Even worse than 1969.

  13. Incredible – EC was supposed to announce simple majority by 10pm but now it is 1 am and no announcement! What an achievement by the opposition!

  14. I can see Terence is doing a great job here. Well done, man! You are like the DAP! Haha…

    Garry Ooi, please celebrate privately in your house and don’t do anything stupid like parade.

  15. latest news from Perak:

    in the 59 state seats:

    27 is with opposition

    19 is with Barisan

    (is with meaning the party that is leading)

    13 seats remain unannounced.

  16. Bryan: Gary is just a little bit excited that’s all. Most of us are (are there any BN supporters here?). But we must all remember to celebrate in a civil manner and not call other people names. The people showed their power and now, it’s time for the people to show dignity and graciousness in victory.

  17. Bryan – You take over lah. Handsome old man like me wanna sleep liao. Itu celaka Ah Lian, went to the dunno where and kepoh. Niamah!

  18. the opposition is leading in 28 of the 59 Perak State Seats. They need to mantain it and win 2 more seats to form government. (Assuming PAS and DAP cooperate)

  19. Yea Pablo, I am too happy to see the results and hope we don’t over-celebrate in any manner. 🙂

    Thanks for the updates anyway!

  20. Wau already 2pm there still a lot havent been annouced.
    Takes time to recount huh?

  21. Choonie : SOrry. Mistake there. Khalid Ibrahim from Keadilan might be CM of Selangor. Hehe…

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