It is a beautiful morning here. Both hubby and I went to Sek. Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Shang Wu to cast his votes. Over here, the DAP Parliament candidate is Liew Ching Tong and DUN is Lim Guan Eng from DAP. The Shang Wu school is very big and very well equipped. But let’s remember that they are built with the efforts and money of the parents, well-wishers and former students. 😛


We were very early and the place is quite deserted. Hubby read that vote canvassing cannot be near the polling station. They must have a distance of 50 metres. Yet, Barisan Nasional booth is just right outside the school gate, not even 5 metres. There are Chinese Barisan and Malay Barisan booths. *roll eyes* Two Barisan Nasional booths, one Keadilan booth but lack of volunteers and one DAP booth which is far flung away from the normal walk-in traffic. Yet some people will head to DAP booth and make a U-turn to go to vote. I salute those folks!


Photo of the SPR booth where you can find the stream number to go to.


This MCA/Barisan Nasional guy was obviously right outside the school gate. Not fair right? Some people who parked their bike inside the school gate still went out to Barisan Nasional booth to get their stream number.


As concerned citizen (kehkekkeh) hubby went to DAP’s booth to protest. The guy turned out to be his good friend, Joachim. Joachim went to the police with a form. (must be something official lah). The police chased the guy away. Hubby is not the only one who complained. Two other people came to the booth and also grumbled why Barisan people are pulling them to their booth when they can easily get the stream number from SPR clerks.


Meanwhile, I sipeh kwailan. I went to stand in front of the school gate with my DSLR and 200mm zoom lense to wait and see if the guys from MCA go into the school compound. If that is not enough, I also capture video!


The guy standing between the two flag pole is the MCA DUN candidate. Sorry, I really cannot remember his name or even surname. But I know he is only one year older than my hubby. I told hubby, “Eh, dear, you are only one year younger than him but he looks like your father hor?” Hahaha. Mr. MCA DUN went to DAP booth and shook hands with hubby. Hubby later told me, “Ish, I beh shiok to shake hands but boh pien, he already put out his hand.” So bad, hubby!

I have already casted my vote in Pantai Jerjak area. Only PKR there so there is Dato’ Zahrain for Parliament and some young engineer name Sim.

Now hubby has gone to the DAP booth to help out because they only have 3 persons there. We had been around the island and notice that only Han Chiang primary school and Shang Wu has DAP booths. The other polling stations only have Barisan Nasional booth. Come to think of it, actually, all these booths are unnecessary because nowadays, everything is computerised. Election Commission should do away with these sort of last minute canvassing. Still, I cannot get over the Malay Barisan and Chinese Barisan booths. UMNO and MCA are supposed to work together, aren’t they? Then why do they have these sort of cucuk mata kind of cooperation?

I am going to kepoh again and see if Barisan Nasional booth have to be moved because I heard an official complaint has been lodged. We demand a fair election!