So, folks, today is the day.

I am 44 years old and if I count correctly, I have voted two or three times. But this 2008 is the only election where I realised I have my role to play. Previously, it is just the follow the crowd and we did it without much thoughts and feelings.

This Malaysia 12th General Election has evoked feelings that I have never felt about the election. I am not sure if it is because I am more informed or is it because I am one of the millions of Malaysians who are tired of being treated as morons. I am sick and tired of listening to people telling us how great we are. I am pissed listening to our PM harping on ‘no one will defend your Chinese voices’. Sick, sick, sick.

Because of that, I am leaning to DAP and PKR and even PAS. What our Barisan Nasional leaders failed to see is – THIS ELECTION IS ABOUT US, THE RAKYAT. It is not them. It is not who is up there. I don’t care who is the next Penang CM. As long as he got balls. It is about what we want as a nation.

I want these :

1) That our Government will stop reminding me that Allah belongs to them only. I hate the fact that Pak Lah just shut us all up with one threat and we are expected to walk off lamely. Pak Lak said everything, including naming my Lord.

2) That the Education Minister will stop harping to our little children about races. And stop stuffing so much useless subjects to our children.

3) That our moronic politicians will stop camwhoring with the lame, sick, retarded, Mongloid, limbless and etc to tell us they are some kind hearted people who are doing good deeds. All we want from you is to get more allocations of money to help them. You are not helping enough. Period. (sorry for the descriptions but Chia Kwang Chye and that dunno-what-his-name just left some pamphlets at our doors at 9 pm on the eve of polling day so I am utterly tiu-ed)

4) That all the political leaders will have a heart for others and just go and do their work without waiting for once every five years to put on a show.

So, I am leaving this song from Youtube which has sort of glued into my heart. Again, I am not pro-DAP or any political parties but I am driven to this end because suddenly, I realised that I hate being told fairy tales every day on the mainstream media. Enough is enough!

Send forth Your Holy Spirit!