Where to get the latest election results?

Malaysiakini also has the result updates on their site. Note that they have stripped off their regular format to handle high traffic. For Malaysiakini updates, here.

DAP also has a site where they will update the latest Malaysia election results. Please go to this link for updates here.


For here onwards, these are my own inputs. My last updates will be on top.

7.54 : I walked over to the preliminary counting center in Shang Wu just for kicks. Yes, DAP is leading all the way. Later I am going to where the main action is. I will update from there if I can.

7.20 : Kuching gone to DAP. ISA detainee Manoharan whose wife contest on his behalf won! Hubby said news said that Koh Tsu Koon, Chiak Kuah Cha (eat coffin LOL aka Chia Kwang Chye) and Teng Hock Nan sudah bungkus balik tongsan!

7.15 pm : Hubby who is at the vote counting got the unofficial results that Lim Guan Eng and Liew Chin Tong are leading in the Air Putih and Bukit Bendera seats. Malaysiakini also reported the same thing. DAP is leading all the main seats now. Yes!

7.05 pm : OMG, Malaysiakini reported : PKR in unassailable lead in Bukit Tambun – 7.05pm. Is the the kind of results we are going to see for the rest of the night? Opposition has one safe seat now!

7 pm : Some of the preliminary results are in and things are looking up for the opposition. However, we have that fear of last minute upsets in the form of postal votes.

The results will be coming in a few minutes, maybe after 7 pm. I was told that immediately they closed the polling, they will make preliminary count at the polling stations. Then, it will be brought to the Kawasan to be added up with the rest of the polling stations. After that, it is tallied at the Masyarakat Penyayang.

Any other links where overseas Malaysians can view the results? We in Malaysia of course can tune to the TV for updates.

18 thoughts on “Where to get the latest election results?

  1. damn slow la the counting ….wat the fuck the counting?

    definitely too much irregularities … so recount recount recount …

  2. pablo – No words can describe Penangites joy at hearing these positive results. Last I heard Karpal Singh is leading a landslide majority. What we have yet to hear is Jeff. I am going to the DAP office and then, the main place where Penang results are announce later tonight. Praise the Lord!

    mama22beas – So many suprises right now. I hope this last till the end with no upsets. Even Nurul Izzah is leading Sharizat at the moment.

    earl-ku – Server sudah piang I think. Mine is VPS so I hope can tahan. LOL.

    andy – I am going out later lor, check Malaysiakini liao.

    wingz – I heard Mai Fun Ah Por losing liao.

  3. Haiyo… so many rumours. DAP wins here DAP wins there.. Phone keeps on ringing, sms keeps coming. Hubby goes crazy too. Birthday dinner always gets interrupted but birthday girl still very happy.

  4. Wah, your info much faster than the TV la. On TV they keep talking and talking non-stop only… I almost fell asleep liao.

  5. Let us who vote for non-BN parties remain civil and gentlemen in our joy at these impending wins. And let us pray that those who lose will also be civil about it.

  6. COngratulations to all you ballsy people in Penang! What a victory for the Rakyat! Show those bastards they cant treat us like dirt for 50+ years and expect us to take it all our lives. I hope the results are the same in all the states, here’s hoping!

  7. Alleluia,.. the change tsunami is sweeping the country.
    Penang has a new government. Dare we hope for more upsets..
    Hats off to all Malaysians for votting for this change.
    Thank you Lord for hearing the voices of your people..

    We pray that the new Penang government will lead the way to show the arrogant BN government how the state should be governed, and what is the meaning of accountability. We pray the DAP/PKR/PAS government will always listen to the people and govern with dignity and responsibility.

  8. i at out of malaysai now but i still care about the result for this time election. Please continue undate for us who outsite the maaysia. DAP will begin the new life…

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