Malaysiakini also has the result updates on their site. Note that they have stripped off their regular format to handle high traffic. For Malaysiakini updates, here.

DAP also has a site where they will update the latest Malaysia election results. Please go to this link for updates here.


For here onwards, these are my own inputs. My last updates will be on top.

7.54 : I walked over to the preliminary counting center in Shang Wu just for kicks. Yes, DAP is leading all the way. Later I am going to where the main action is. I will update from there if I can.

7.20 : Kuching gone to DAP. ISA detainee Manoharan whose wife contest on his behalf won! Hubby said news said that Koh Tsu Koon, Chiak Kuah Cha (eat coffin LOL aka Chia Kwang Chye) and Teng Hock Nan sudah bungkus balik tongsan!

7.15 pm : Hubby who is at the vote counting got the unofficial results that Lim Guan Eng and Liew Chin Tong are leading in the Air Putih and Bukit Bendera seats. Malaysiakini also reported the same thing. DAP is leading all the main seats now. Yes!

7.05 pm : OMG, Malaysiakini reported : PKR in unassailable lead in Bukit Tambun – 7.05pm. Is the the kind of results we are going to see for the rest of the night? Opposition has one safe seat now!

7 pm : Some of the preliminary results are in and things are looking up for the opposition. However, we have that fear of last minute upsets in the form of postal votes.

The results will be coming in a few minutes, maybe after 7 pm. I was told that immediately they closed the polling, they will make preliminary count at the polling stations. Then, it will be brought to the Kawasan to be added up with the rest of the polling stations. After that, it is tallied at the Masyarakat Penyayang.

Any other links where overseas Malaysians can view the results? We in Malaysia of course can tune to the TV for updates.