I finished church today and hang around, waiting for my choir practice.

This guy walked up to me. I am happy to see him because we had missed meeting up in church for a while already.

So, as I dig into my wallet for a few bucks for his lunch, I asked him, “Eh, that day you got go that big-big gathering at Rifle Range?’

He replied, “Omm orrghh” He has difficulty speaking and unless you have tuned into his wavelength, you won’t be able to understand what he said.

I have that feel good feelings. And I cheekily asked him, “Aiyorrr….why you don’t go? Big people come, got singing somemore. Out side your house only mah…”

He insisted he is not interested by waving his hands and continue to grunt that he is not happy.

Still not finished with my teasing, I told him, “I hear they give money you know? People said they give RM60. Yorrr…you don’t go, wasted already.”

He is adamant that he is not interested.

He is John. He is crippled, mentally challenged, he can read English, speak Bahasa Malaysia, loves God and is usually unkept because of his physical disabilities. But he is one of the most determine person with the highest level of principles. If someone hurt his feelings, he will feel disappointed and stay away from them. (I have a few private conversations with him and knew about it.)

He just touched 21 years old on February 21 (if I am not mistaken). I asked him if he voted but he didn’t. Must make mental note to see that he is registered as a voter. He will know who to vote in the next election. Certainly.

I pray that the new State Government will acknowledge that there are a lot of people who are very poor who live in Rifle Range who needs the Government’s help. People like John who lives in a one room flat infested with rats and stank of unclear rubbish. I am glad that my previous State Government who told the mainstream media that Rifle Range folks have higher living standards sudah tapau balik kampung.

And yes, I am evil and wicked that the night of concert we saw turned out to be a big slap to the ex-Gov. Even poor people have their own wills and cannot be bought with Ah Niu singing or all the big guns visit. To people like them who made the wise choice, I salute them. One of my reader told me the poor folks in Rifle Range each get RM60 and they donated RM10 to DAP at Han Chiang ceramah. Of course, this is hearsay only.

We must remember that these are the people who helped us get rid of a corrupted Government as they live in the densest populated area. They are the ones who voted in the new CM of Penang and Liew Chin Tong for the Parliamentary seat and I will make sure that they better live up to the promises of giving them a better living condition. Otherwise, the obnoxious 5xmom will have plenty of things to gripe.

I am jotting this down because I may forget them as the years pass by. But now that it is written on the net, the new Penang state government cannot run from what has been put online.

(John is being assisted by St. Vincent De Paul society for the poor and other well wishers. He tries to sell sweets to earn a living but people are usually turned off with his appearance.)