People, you tell me lah. Does my site freaking look like some official site belonging to the PM? Nothing like that, right?

Yet, people kept writing comments thinking this is Pak Lah’s website. I know I could just close comment but I don’t see why I should. My blog post is MY warkah untuk PM. I had left two notices in H2 font (HUGE FONTS) that Ini bukan Warkah Untuk Pak Lah.

Yet, hari-hari…ammah…adoilahhhhh…this people keep telling me about their lands, their dissatisfactions, their races, their blah blah blah. I have to delete all the sensitive comments because I don’t want my kach’ng char grilled.

But in principle, I don’t see why I should close my comment. If people are so ignorant and so blind as not to read the contents before they bang away at their keyboard with their aunt agonies’ stories to Pak Lah, that’s their problem, right?

Say yes lah. I feel guilty getting those problems yang berlambak-lambak. I feel bad their problems got routed to my crazy blog. Yet, I think it is not my fault that my blog is hotter than his blog, right?

You can enjoy the Warkah Untuk PM di sini. I had deleted at least 30 comments that are either too personal, too racial, too sensitive or just plain vindictive. But the rest, hope they find their way to Pak Lah. Or not.

And this post is filed under Humorous.