Adoi…berapa kali aku nak cakap? Saya 5xmom bukan website Pak Lah

People, you tell me lah. Does my site freaking look like some official site belonging to the PM? Nothing like that, right?

Yet, people kept writing comments thinking this is Pak Lah’s website. I know I could just close comment but I don’t see why I should. My blog post is MY warkah untuk PM. I had left two notices in H2 font (HUGE FONTS) that Ini bukan Warkah Untuk Pak Lah.

Yet, hari-hari…ammah…adoilahhhhh…this people keep telling me about their lands, their dissatisfactions, their races, their blah blah blah. I have to delete all the sensitive comments because I don’t want my kach’ng char grilled.

But in principle, I don’t see why I should close my comment. If people are so ignorant and so blind as not to read the contents before they bang away at their keyboard with their aunt agonies’ stories to Pak Lah, that’s their problem, right?

Say yes lah. I feel guilty getting those problems yang berlambak-lambak. I feel bad their problems got routed to my crazy blog. Yet, I think it is not my fault that my blog is hotter than his blog, right?

You can enjoy the Warkah Untuk PM di sini. I had deleted at least 30 comments that are either too personal, too racial, too sensitive or just plain vindictive. But the rest, hope they find their way to Pak Lah. Or not.

And this post is filed under Humorous.

12 thoughts on “Adoi…berapa kali aku nak cakap? Saya 5xmom bukan website Pak Lah

  1. you should set up a site with those comments… I think they’d get more attention than the PM’s warkah lol!

  2. We need a new Information Minister to tell the people that your 5xmom belog is not the Warkah. LOL! And it is definitely true that we WILL be having a new Info Minister.

    Keep the comments on. If PM is serious enough, he will get his people to copy down the people’s grouses even from your belog.

  3. It is obvious your page rank is higher than “W@rk@h untuk pee-em”!

    I suppose there are more links to your w@rk@h page than to the pm’s page.

    It only shows depth of the disconnect of the ruling elite with the people and, it becomes apparent through seemingly simple technology, especially through search engines, which use links to “rank” the pages.

    You beat the pm! Makkal Sakthi!

  4. pablo – Ya, I was so happy when I heard the result for him. Minister of Misinformation sudah bungkus! And kahkahkah, I don’t know if the website is still going to be relevant, what with the impending changes. But it is PM so they can just change the banner photo. Not relevant, konon.

    David – I think they have overshot their capacity. LOL, my server is bigger than DAP cos I pay in USD, monthly and my blogs are hosted on virtual private server. Not to boast lah but my webhost Bryan service si beh hor. Last nite I got huge spike and still not down.

    pbb – Yalor, kasi suara sama dia orang.

  5. Hmmm….time to demand that all Barisan Rakyat candidates in the recently concluded GE set up their own website/blog to show what they want to do and what they have been doing. And not blogspot or blogsome please. And no irritating blinking adverts or cutesy things.

    The future of politics is in the internet šŸ˜‰

    Siapa mau consultation, email 5xmom šŸ˜€

  6. Sis or should I call u auntie?

    bahasa melayu anda sungguh mengagumkan.
    tahniah.dan segala hujah pedas anda semuanya dtg
    dari hati anda,saya dpt bace itu.
    sekarang penang di tgn Barisan Rakyat.
    mka,harap dapat apa yang anda inginkan,


  7. Hahha… i googled and yahoo searched ‘warkah untuk PM’ .. you came up as the second result in both… damn popular ehh šŸ™‚ lol

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